Sneha Dadrwal
Last updated 22 Dec 2016 . 2 min read

#OneOfTheFirsts: Romania’s Next Prime Minister Is A Female & Muslim

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Sevil Shhaideh, 52 is going to set a record in the history of Romania by becoming their first woman Prime Minister. Sevil belongs to a small muslim and Turkish community in Romania. A strong woman who is also a great technocrat, her leading style is highly commended.

She was earlier the minister for regional development for six months. Currently she is a senior officer in the same ministry.

President Klaus is waiting for the approval from the parliament. Once approved by lawmakers committee she is ready to be the Prime Minister this week.

European countries have rarely had Muslim women as their heads of governments. With exception in countries with Muslim majorities: Tansu Ciller was prime minister of Turkey in the 1990s, and Atifete Jahjaga was president of Kosovo from 2011 to 2016.

Interestingly more than 80 percent of Romanians are Orthodox Christians, while fewer than 1 percent are Muslims. Therefore Sevil Shhaideh’s appointment will usher in a new era. 

We wish her luck and here's to more women #TakingCharge


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