5 Jan 2017 . 4 min read

#NotAllMen Are Molesters; But That’s NOT The Point

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#NotAllMen. Oh, but of course. Women are to blame for all the atrocities that are perpetrated upon them because they are increasingly adopting the ‘western’ mindset.

How dare they wear skimpy clothes? It is against our culture and reeks of freedom, right? And who says they have the freedom to taste freedom?

On New Year’s Eve, a bunch of party-goers across Bengaluru alleged that they were molested. The incidents were reported from across the city and police were ineffective, ridiculous bystanders. The complainants felt violated, wronged and defeated – a feeling that is not uncommon if you’re a woman living in India.

The misogynists seem to be nudging each other to make statements like:




Some of social media’s self-appointed moral custodians supported Mr Abu Azmi’s claims. They were of the opinion that molestation was only partially the man’s fault- a woman’s bare legs and her decision to be out at odd hours at night were also to blame. And of course, only some men resort to such measures, not all.

Here’s a gem of a conversation that is doing the rounds on social media. We cannot stress this enough: that is NOT the damn point!


Not All Are the Same, You See!



The Ones NOT Amused


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