No Matter What, Never Back-off

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Ekta Mittal founded enMarkit in 2012, a company working towards creating a revolutionary product that will be an un-matchable online destination for social commerce.Ekta is a product expert in enterprise level products for E-commerce, Finance, Insurance and Education verticals. A BITS Pilani Alumni, before starting-up enMarkit, Ekta worked as a developer in top-notch companies. Here is an interview with the SHERO: 

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

I am a computer science graduate and before starting with enMarkit I worked with Trilogy as a technical manager, then shifted to Amazon, worked for their Webstore product from Bangalore and Hyderabad and then started working with US-based Examsoft which provides online exams to colleges and university boards. Working with these companies gave me immense experience and expertise on the financial, e-commerce and educational front. After all this in 2012 I came up with enMArkit which is a platform for small and medium scale entrepreneurs in India. It aims to provide them with a social commerce platform to solve all problems that startups face. It helps them sell their talent.

What made you start early?

Like mentioned earlier I got a lot of knowledge in finance, e-commerce and technology sectors. Wanting to help Indians who were just starting up with something of their own made me start this venture; this is one of its only kinds in the country. It is something like social graph facebook has, where you can find what your friends are doing and based upon their experiences you can implement your own plans. EnMarkit helps you use your and your friends’ social network to find about other buyers and sellers interested in similar activities. At enMarkit you can interact, share and discuss with this extended network to market your services or to get precious referrals from your friends when people in their network are buying online. 

What are the challenges that you face everyday?

Getting good talent is a little hard and reaching out the right audience to make a difference. We are here to bring an evolution with what we are doing. Although the response so far has been great we are expanding and collaborating with a lot of international companies. Apart from that from that I have a daughter so balancing between home and work is another challenge that I face.

What motivates you to keep on going?

The very idea of what I am doing, the concept of enMarkit and wanting to help a millions of people using this motivates me to keep on going.

Who according to you should be a SHERO?

From what I gather from you a SHERO should be determined and daring lady. She should be confident about what she is doing and her career.

What are your tips for the ladies who are entering into the workforce?

I would really recommend everyone to be an entrepreneur; it is just amazing to have a start-up of your own. All women should be motivated to do well in their lives and career. They should brace themselves to face whatever challenges come their way and no matter what they should never back-off. Just keep going. 

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