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Blogging, perhaps, is THE way of communicating these days. Since face to face conversations have moved on to Facebook, every question is now directed to Google and who, in turn, sends us to the experienced ones, a.k.a the Mom Bloggers. This paradigm shift has resulted in another set of Super Mommies, the ones who are helping to make the mystic world of parenting seem easy, one blog at a time.

The main purpose here is to recognize these Moms who are doing this fantastic work and encourage more Moms to come forward to and start sharing their joy of motherhood with the world. You can always find time while your baby is sleeping or when your husband takes care of your baby. You can always connect and seek help from these Mom blogs to get started on blogging. We're sure, they'd be more than happy to help you out.

  •  Mansi Zaveri from KidsStopPress

Along with being the founder of Kidsstoppress, Mansi is deemed to be the powerhouse of the force that works tirelessly to make Kidsstoppress a success.

Being the mother of two daughters, she tries to find interesting things for them to do; this ends up as a blog that resonates with masses. Her mom blogs include a varied range of topics like reviews of new products, places to visit and new recipes to try out.

  • Dr. Hemapriya from My Little Moppet

Dr. Hema, also known as the “Doctor Mommy” started off her blog with the aim to answer all the doubts and queries of new mothers who don’t have family around, to guide them.

She is a mother of two and her blogs enlist her tried and tested methods, which have worked for her kids. She tries to cover a spectrum of topics on her blogs: from superfoods for weight gain in babies to innovative 1st birthday party ideas.

  • Sangeetha Menon from Bumps'n'Baby

Bumps n Baby is one of the most popular top mom blogs followed by new mothers. It was started by Sangeetha during her pregnancy phase in order to get in touch with the ‘new mom’ community. Now, the blog accounts for her journey from a would be mom to a new working mom.

Along with this, articles pertaining to baby food recipes, baby care, mom care, and parenting are published regularly.

  • Preethi and Srividhya Manikandan at Indian Moms Connect

Preethi and Srividhya created this blog with a vision of discussing modern parenting from an Indian perspective. They try to cover the cultural traditions and modern day parenting ideas and, thus, end up with articles that include the best of both worlds!

Along with this, IndianMomsConnect also acts as a platform for other mothers to share their stories, thus, creating a mom community, united by Indianmomsconnect.

  • Roshni at Indian American Mom

Roshni terms herself as a ‘dhobi ka kutta’ and a global citizen who started blogging about what it feels like to bring up kids in an Indian-American household.

IndianAmericanMom talks about what to expect when one tries to bring up a brown kid in distant lands, the challenges and identity crisis that one experiences along with the common feeling of ‘mom guilt’ when a mom returns back to work.

  • Shailaja at Shailajav

The Diary of a Doting Mom is maintained by Shailaja at, where she shares her experiences of being a work-from-home mother along with some handy parenting tips. Her blog has covered a wide range of topics till now, and all of them are derived from her life experiences.

  • Swapna from The mom views

Swapna started blogging after her firstborn turned 2 in order to search for a new identity. She believes her blog TheMomViews is for everyone who is striving to be the best mother she could be while maintaining her individuality.

One can find parenting tips, product reviews, fun activities for kids, birthday party and decor ideas on her blog.

  • Vaishali from The Champa Tree

TheChampaTree came to being in May 2014, along with Vaishali’s baby. The blog aims to encapsulate the emotional spectrum of parenthood. Along with this, the blog helps in answering doubts of new parents while providing an array of fun things to do with their kids.

  • Nancy from The Thinkin Hat

TheThinkinHat, a brainchild of Nancy, is a compilation of coming of age stories. She shares her bittersweet experiences of motherhood along with tips on basic parenting.

As a working mother, she understands the need of being active and thus makes it a point to include articles related to fitness post pregnancy.

  • Sania from All Things Gud

AllThingsGud was started by Dr. Sania as a lifestyle blog and it is meant to showcase all that's good in life. She is a hands-on mother of a 10-year-old daughter and believes to have learned ponderous lessons from the little one, more than she ever did from her medical books.

Her blog talks about parenting tips, easy recipes, and health issues that are common with kids. The 'Being Mommy' section of her blog receives huge traffic.

  • Prerna from Maa of All Blogs

Prerna has always been ‘go to’ person when it came to handing out advices in her friend circle. Her close friends used to find her suggestions very helpful.

Gradually, she stepped out to start MaaofAllBlogs which is all about her experiences as a mother, with a dash bit of her as well.

  • Umamaheswari Anandane from Momscribe

Initially, the blog was created with Vedic Maths as its base. However, Umamaheswari gradually moved on to writing about her lifestyle; esp her children.

Momscribe, now, talks about parenting and lifestyle. She follows a basic day-to-day approach that resonates with her readers.

  • Kejal from Being Momma

In her quest to find some help as a new age Indian mom, Kejal decided that she’d fill that void herself along with helping many new Indian moms with her.

BeingMomma talks about all the phases of motherhood, from pregnancy to toddlerhood. Currently, she has over 30 active professionals contributing to her blog.

  • Jaishri from Mommys Wall

With the motto of raising happy and healthy babies, Jaishri started Mommyswall. Unique in its approach, her blogging team (that consists of moms, of course) posts about their stories, that creates a connection with the reader.

The blog also caters to food recipes, product reviews, pregnancy and postnatal care tips.

  • Priya from Shishu World

ShishuWorld is the brainchild of Priya who wanted to create one-stop blog for Indian parents and parents to be. She tries to combine modern parenting with the tried and tested age-old traditions.

Her blogs cover everything, from baby care to baby & toddler food recipes and from food charts to simple craft ideas for kids. All these, while keeping in mind that it is essential to have a practical approach in order to make motherhood easy.

  • Aditi Bose from Kiddie Story 365

If you are looking for new and unique stories for your little one, you need to head to Aditi’s blog - Kiddie Story 365. Aditi is a mother, who loves to engage her kids with new stories. So when her stock of stories ended, she started creating her own. Each story on her blog is written with an aim to pass down priceless values to the little ones.

  • Menaka from Simple Indian Mom

Menaka started off with SimpleIndianMom to bring the long-lost methods of parenting and natural living into the limelight; thus updating modern mothers about the benefits of natural and organic living. She teaches how to grow your own organic vegetables in your backyard and terrace.

She also takes up every issue that comes up from a loyal mother fanbase and tries to soothe out their worries.

  • Aloka Gambhir from Wholesome Mamma

Aloka is all about health and fitness and her blog, WholesomeMamma perfectly compliments that. She blogs about the benefits of healthy eating, breastfeeding and taking a natural and evolutionary approach towards parenting.

What makes her blog special is the fact that she is a certified lactation counselor and babywearing promoter, thus, adding that extra credibility to her blogs.

  • Rashmie from Mommy-Labs

Rashmie decided to take the road less traveled with her daughter Pari when she started to homeschool her. With her belief that a child cannot nurture creativity and love for life in textbooks, she started Mommy-Labs as an olive branch to every mother out there who wants to focus on their child’s natural and holistic living.

  • Ekta Chawla from Confused Parent

ConfusedParent, a brainchild of Ekta, is an upcoming platform that helps young mothers to connect with experts, doctors and other parents just like them.

The topics covered range from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and motherhood.

Let us know about your favorite mommy blogger in the comments section below.


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