Milind Soman’s Mom Defies Her Age And Planks #LikeABoss

Last updated 16 May 2017 . 2 min read

Milind Soman has given us a lot many reasons to follow (psst, stalk) him on social media. But, guess what we are not talking about the handsome Made In India hunk here today.

This post is dedicated to his power puff mother, Usha Soman.

We all know that Usha Soman is also a fitness freak, the proof of it being, when she accompanied her son on a marathon.

The Great India Run – a two-week-long marathon between Ahmedabad and Mumbai in which Soman had participated – his 78-year-old mother Usha decided to join him on the penultimate day. The video went viral for obvious reasons.

A sari-clad, (not so) old woman running alongside her Ironman son, inspired us extremely.

Milind Soman has redefined fitness for us Indians, but more so his mother, who has been winning the internet with her exemplary show of strength and vigour to try different things in life.

Usha Soman accompanied her son for a special campaign that was launched on Mother’s Day, One Lakh Hands for Mom. This campaign aims at working with one lakh kids for the health and wellness of their mothers. Usha Soman has been chosen to be the face of this campaign.

In the same event, Usha Soman baffled us all, with her exceptional fitness levels when she planked for over a minute.

Planks have not been my favourite set of workout but after watching her pull of a one and a half minute plank with elan, I am seriously considering taking up the routine more seriously.

This kicks the jabs in me to get fit pronto! Check the awesome video of Usha Soman’s planking power in the video below.


Lola Jutta
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