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Last updated 7 Oct 2016 . 3 min read

It is not easy to leave your 18-year-old career in journalism and take up a job in a completely different field. It is difficult to do so, especially for women.

Meet Shweta Rajpal Kohli, a bright and inspirational woman who is now the Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs in Uber India. She has previously worked in Bennett Coleman and Co Ltd, Business Standard, Hindustan Times and The Indian Express and has won Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism.

On talking to SHEROES, she told her journey about switching jobs from NDTV to Uber. Here is an excerpt:

Leaving journalism was a very hard decision and particularly NDTV. It's rare to find employee-friendly organizations like NDTV where you have so many like-minded people. Even on the professional front, I've had a great run there and got brilliant opportunities. But after 18 years in the media, I felt the time has come for a mid-career shift and to take on a new challenge. Most media people would consider a shift to communications but I was keen on Public Policy, given my years of covering the economic and political landscape of India.

On women being better journalists

Women make better journalists because they can multitask better! TV particularly requires you to multitask - you're constantly working on multiple things - Calling sources, filing a story, planning a show,  coordinating with the camera team and producers, getting your makeup done, listening to the director's instructions. The deadlines are too tight and if you don't multitask you can't function.

About women professionals in India

A lot is changing for women professionals in India. Though we are still far away from gender parity at workplace. There are many progressive organizations do treat women at par. In organizations like NDTV, a majority of the workforce is women and there is a huge realization and appreciation of the value that women bring. But in India especially, there is a far greater need to give more flexible options to women so they don't leave the workforce entirely. It's ironical that girls are much better performers when it comes to academics but so many drop out of their careers to take on family responsibilities. It's important to bring them back in the workspace.

What her family and friends think about her leaving NDTV?

When I told them about leaving my job in NDTV  they thought that I was crazy to be quitting a TV career and asked me to rethink my decision, but I convinced them eventually.


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