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Richa Grover is a Senior Social Work professional working for the UK Government and is based in London, for close to a decade now. Grover is a mentor at the Cherie Blair Foundation and is committed to the vision of the Rotary Club in London.

She is a regular attendee at various events held at The House of Commons on issues and concerns of ethnic minorities. Richa is a keen participant of the CASS business school charity talks which provides inter-sector, necessary networking opportunities, with an upcoming one on disaster management, in November later this year.

She is committed to the social work interventions that she is a part of within Children’s and Families services of the local authority sphere in UK. Some of the trainings that Grover has been a part of have ranged from issues of female genital mutilation, forced marriages, complex neglect, diversity and total respect to social mobility, corporate social responsibility and raising educational outcomes for children in state care.

Her other interests are classical literature and philosophy clubs; she participates in the club events regularly. She is also a member of Cogers, the oldest debating society in the world.

Q Tell us more about yourself

I work hard. I party hard. I try hard.  I also am a bit of a wanderer- always looking for new ideas, things, places, people, potential, anything. An idea enthusiast. Newness excites me…but I’m also very committed, to my goals, people in my life, causes that I’m passionate about, to learning, growing, to the zest in and possibilities of life. Sometimes I’m a thinker, a perfectionist and an idealist and I enjoy being all that but at the same time I’m still trying to learn at the art of balance, so I guess there’s always work to be done on oneself! I’m fast-paced and can be much focused once I decide to go get it! In a nutshell…high on life and loving it!

Q What keeps you inspired?

The diversity of people I work with. The diversity of ideas and expertise  that I am exposed to and have access to.  The range of issues that I can work on and contribute to. The change that I can and do create in society, however little, but everyday. 

I'm intrinsically motivated towards professional social work and that's what keeps me going despite some very challenging days!

Q What made you join this sector?

My desire to get some sort of a professional license to intervene in society when it's needed, so as to improve its social functioning, so I can do my bit to contribute as a change agent. A degree in social work gave me just that and I use it every day with commitment, pride and my heart! It has been 10 years now and I haven't looked back... 

Q What is the one thing about your job which you love the most?

The service users I get to work with and for. That's what keeps it real. I'm in my element when working as a frontline social worker.

Also the aspects of my job when I work in courts of law along with the advocacy elements of it are of keen interest to me. The job gives me the space to explore and express my passion and it's a rewarding feeling career-wise, undoubtedly. 

Q A message to SHEROES out there

Dream your biggest!

Believe in your magic!

Aspire beyond your perceived achievable!

Break free from those limiting stories we tell and hear!

Master your mind so that it can never under estimate your limitless potential!

Let’s achieve it all but also remember to create joy along the journey , both for self and others!

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