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Published on 5 Jun 2015 . 5 min read

Ranjana Chabra started Little Marvels Early Learning Centre – an early learning centre. A strategist, Ranjana didn’t realize she would start-up early. She tell us what made her start-up-

Q1. What line of work are you presently in?

I am currently leading an education venture in Dwarka by the name of Little Marvels Early Learning Centre. Little Marvels is inspired by the thinking of Creative Learning and has earned credibility with its audience for its ABCD (Activity based Child Development) pedagogy.

At Little Marvels, we believe that learning starts as early as the senses of an infant are developed (eyes responding to light and colors, ears d ifferentiating between sounds, hands and feet reacting to different textures). The early years are most crucial in developing a child’s speech, gross motor skills and imagination.

Our special range of Enrichment programs work on specific and critical areas of learning – expression, communication, creativity, logic and character – through interactive, powerful medium of drama, music, games and creative arts. We are proud of the journey Little Marvels has had thus far and the positive impression we have in our children and parents’ lives.

Q2. How did the inspiration to start your own school come about?

Motherhood has been my biggest inspiration behind Little Marvels. I have over 10 years of experience and most of this has been in the strategy consulting and research space. I relished every bit of success and learning the corporate world provided me and had plans for turning an entrepreneur only in my 40s. But motherhood made me strong and confident to pre-pone my decision to start a self-venture in Early Learning. It was not a decision of time but decision of choice. I felt that the need for an innovative and interactive concept is growing in time and something which can address this critical need, will be well received by parents like me. Someone had to make that change, so why not me…why not for my child and children like him.

I have been brought up in the UAE, where I did most of my education. The education experience I had as a child and young learner there and in India was a great help to see the best between the two worlds. This helped to put forth a wider horizon while conceptualizing and executing the dream project, Little Marvels. I have lived the international standards as a child and I know the difference it brings, when implemented in righteous manner. Creating an environment of collaborative teaching, creative learning and educational play became my inspiration in the making of Little Marvels and shall always stands as strong pillars for us.

Q3. What does it take to overcome challenges as an entrepreneur?

Challenges can be fun and furious too. As an entrepreneur, one has to be prepared to solve, learn, change and innovate. But to overcome and come out with viable solutions for each problem / challenge, you need to have Insight, be ready for Innovation and be Goal oriented. You cannot keep things unplanned, contingency planning should be day in day out task; patience should be your key to solve problems and enthusiasm to meet your goals should only grow with time.

Q4. What are the top three things every working woman should keep in mind?

Well, in my opinion the three key things are:

  • Don’t be guilty – Your identity and satisfaction is as important as your husbands, dads or brothers. Your children will love you for being a happy mother.
  • You are the change maker – Women are more adaptable to any change; they can lead it and stay calm in it. Trust yourself for managing the change you and your family will have when you start to (or resume) work.
  • Delegate - It’s okay to ask for help. You are not a superwoman if you do all things on your own. That’s not sustainable. Create a schedule for yourself that is sustainable, even under changed environment. People will love you more, if you engage them in your aspiration and you will be happier too. You just need to find the right people and right means to do so.

Q5. How do you balance your work and life commitments?

I avoid working on weekends so that I can devote my time to my family. Every day, when I reach home, I spend special time with my child. We bond together, go out for play and shopping together and share stories at home.

I make sure I am available with my family, when they need me most…just being there can be most important at times. If you can make arrangements at workplace, to make your family special at small and big occasions, go ahead and do so.

The key to manage work-life balance is to start delegating – at home, at office. Tell people, you need them. Their help matters and plan out your work on a daily basis so that at the end of day, you are more sorted and contented.

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