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Published on 26 Mar 2015 . 3 min read

Today we share the thoughts and story of Ramona Mordecai, a successful Life Coach who helps her clients attain the ultimate balance. Everyone of us suffers from the issues Ramona speaks about and helps her clients deal with, at some point of our lives. This is where the professional inputs of a trained Life Coach may actually help. 

Read on for the interesting thoughts Ramona wants to share with us today,

What line of work are you in?

I am a Life Coach who aligns the Physical, Mental, Emotional , Nutritional balance and Ultimately helps set the “Inner Peace/ Sense of Spirit”, in an individual by a 6 Fold Process:

1.     Conducting a mentoring session at first to determine where the individual stands in terms of the above 5 facets,

2.     Changing the diet and lifestyle habits to more nutritious choices.

3.     Monitoring the deficits in the diet and picking out the food habits , linking them to the emotional habit.

4.     Seeing where the individual stands with environmental and social challenges and how he/she deciphers situations handed out ( stress management).

5.     Initiation of the Energy body via Meditation and journaling patterns.

6.     Creating a 12 session ( 3 times per week), Workout regimen where the client is given the opportunity to explore different facets of Fitness ( Isometrics, pilates, form, posture, yoga, muscle confusion, crossfit, weight/strength training) . 

Workouts serve as the ultimate remedy to direct the new energy which comes from changes made in lifestyle choices ,which in turn assists in changing patterns in the individual to break through limiting beliefs.

How did the inspiration to take up this work come about?

I have always asked the question “Why” people suffer for the following reasons:

1.     Self Confidence/ Self Esteem issues

2.     Weight Management

3.     Environmental Evolution

4.     Disease

5.     Social Skills

6.     Financial Blockages.

7.     Dealing with Interpersonal Relationships

I studied these issues at hand a great deal and I personally went through these situations too.There came a point in time where I achieved a balance and mastery  in these area’s and my friends suggested I assign a dedicated page for sharing the information - tips and recommendations. Very soon people wanted to approach me for consultations and I devised a Methodical approach to access and transform all areas in the clients life.

What are the challenges you face in the field of fitness?

Laziness, its always Laziness! 

What are you short term plans in terms of work / career?

1.     Make a Subscription access webpage 

2.     Currently curating a online and offline Seminar Module.

3.     Group Meditation and Initiation Sessions.

4.     Female Transformation programs.( Testing a transformation module at present on myself)

What tips can you give other women interested in this field of work?

1.     Don't just be a one time access- Be a Wholesome access to your clients.

2.     Follow up on your clients and see them through, but also give space.

3.     Don't clock the hours and be present a 100%.

4.     Each individual impacts at least 10,000 people in a lifetime, Think Big!

Paroma Sen
Paroma Sen is a professional content and creative writer.

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