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Last updated 4 Jan 2018 . 3 min read

Prukalpa is the co-founder of Social Cops, a technology social enterprise that harnesses citizen voice as a powerful resource and builds synergystic, connected communities.

Prukalpa started when she was really young. She started building communities using technology from the age of 10 when she hardcoded an HTMLwebsite for Harry Potter Fans around the world. In her university days, she founded the Singapore Entrepreneurship Challenge which unites over 150 start-ups and youth in Singapore every year and led teams of 20 people in university. A certified workaholic, you'll probably find her penning down thoughts or reading when she's not working. She also writes a monthly column at Inc42.

 She has previously worked in the business divisions of Goldman Sachs and Exxon Mobil. She studied Engineering and Entrepreneurship at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and is currently based out of New Delhi, India. SHEROES talks to her about social cops and what they do -

Tell us more about yourself

Your average girl next door. Grew up in different parts of India including but not limited to Andamans, Gujarat and Hyderabad. Happened to witness India's first dormant volcano (Barren Island) erupting, the Bhuj Earthquake and the riots among other natural disasters. Somehow figured out Google SEO when she was 10 and managed to make her Harry Potter website turn up in the top 10 searches for "Harry Potter" on Google (Wish I had a screen shot of that now). Tried my hand at mutating yeast cells, producing biofuel commercially, the oil and gas industry and investment banking among other things - before figuring out what I wanted to do. Now lives in Delhi full time.

What is the mission behind Social Cops?

Social Cops are using mobile phones and technology to turn citizens into human sensors, to create a layer of social data to aid data driven decisions in civic issues, public health and education. They are working on using citizen crowd-sourced date to bring efficiency and data to processes such as garbage collection, community toilets and mid-day meal schemes. They are based in New Delhi, India. 

What is the technology used behind social cops? How do you ensure community and engagement?

Simple mobile phones and people. We aim to turn people into human sensors - contributing to their communities to bridge the information gap in public health, civic issues and more.

Tips for people getting into social entrepreneurship. 

There's only one way to jump off the cliff. Jump! 

Message to all SHEROES out there. 

Come on girls, it’s time to rule the world :) 

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