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Neha Behani co-founded Moojic, a venture that provides brand relevant in-store music requirements for retailers.

How did the idea for this unique concept come about and what did were the challenges Neha faced when setting-up? Every idea is a story in itself, so let’s read on and see how Moojic was born.

How did the Idea / inspiration for Moojic come about?

We believe that there is a lot of scope for in-store innovation in retail. While working on building a digital jukebox service for bars and cafes, we realised that there is a lot of licensing and hence costs involved around playing music in-store. Also, retailers were aware and acknowledged that they need to play music that’s in line with their brand identity in-store. Moojic aims to address this gap. We offer a self-service in-store radio platform for retailers. Our retail ambience consultants work with retail brands to prepare radio content in line with the brand identity and target audience.

What are the top 3 challenges you face in this field of work?

1. Limited resources, unlimited wants (Universal problem). However, it mostly affects finding the right talent and building a great team. The cost of attracting and retaining even an above-average talent is very high. But that’s what is challenging and exciting about start-ups, finding the right team driven by passion and not just money.

2. Keeping up with the dynamism of the technology world: What’s awesome today is history the next day. And this makes this sector very challenging. Your need to update yourself with the latest in technology to better your own product is almost immediate and a constant. So amongst the various roles that you are playing by being at the helm of affairs, this also comes in the priority list And a non-techy trying to adapt and adopt tech, makes it fiercely challenging.

3. Understanding and navigating through the complex maze of IPRs in the music industry in India - the industry has not taken up to digital world as it should have. The laws are unclear or too complex for an outsider to comprehend, making it difficult to entrepreneurs to find their footing in the space. It’s a black hole. So to find your work-around is very time-consuming or other-wise a very costly affair. It took us about two years to figure out how and where we could be a part of the system. And we found out sweet spot, outside the mainstream music.

Do you have any other business ventures / projects in mind? If so, can you share them briefly with us?

We are looking to get into some b2c opportunities that we have spotted during the course of our "Moojical" journey. Will keep you posted as we are nearing launch.

As a woman entrepreneur, what helps you get ahead in the game?

Most women inherently have Higher EQ and multitasking skills, and that really sets me up, just like others, to get ahead in the game. This is definitely a competitive edge. And in the short run and till there are equal number of women entrepreneurs - being a woman, will actually you get noticed way sooner than others. Turn that into an advantage, and channelise that attention to develop your business.

What advice would you give upcoming women entrepreneurs?

It is an amazing time to start up. All things that deterred you from getting started do not exist - be it funds, be it finding resources, mentors, partners. Everything is at plenty and available, you just have to take the first step of going ahead and finding it. And yes, don’t delay what you want to do, coz while you are thinking someone else is definitely executing it. So take that leap. Carpe Diem! 


Neha Behani
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