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Meet the SHEROES - Monica Jasuja

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This Monday we talk to Monica Jasuja who is product manager at MasterPass. Here is more about her - 

Tell us more about yourself.

Passionate product manager fascinated by how products get created and succeed/fail in a challenging market with ever changing human needs and desires. Software engineer by training and academics who always wanted to “create” and “innovate”. Nothing pleases me more than defining and creating requirements for products that solves a consumer need (existing or futuristic) , selling it and then deploying it for the market. Love the 360 degree involvement in solutioning, selling, development, deployment and customer feedback pillars of product/services management in the digital world

What does MasterPass do?

MasterPass is a digital service that allows consumers to use any payment card or enabled device to discover enhanced shopping experiences that are as simple as a click, tap or touch – online, in-store or anywhere.MasterPass eliminates the need for consumers to enter detailed shipping and card information to complete their online shopping at MasterPass merchant sites. Consumers can securely store MasterCard and other branded credit, debit and prepaid card information, address books and more. This simplifies the process of completing a transaction from any connected device, particularly those with smaller screens.

What is the strategy to reach out to merchants/consumers in India?

MasterPass is continuing to expand our Global Acceptance Footprint by adding Merchants and Markets to give shoppers a seamless, secure and speedy check out – regardless of where they may be and what device they may be using

Our goal is to give consumers the ability to make a payment from wherever they are and with one simple experience. Digital Payments strategy is bringing into our fold: merchants and financial institutions worldwide who will work with MasterCard to support the launch of MasterPass in India.

Stay tuned for more updates

What is work life balance for you?

I call it work life alignment as balance is a loaded word and hence not achievable given a connected life with many more distractions than one wants. I’m a strong advocate for workflex with personal experience of having worked from home extensively in several stints in my career (to balance unique family needs) for various periods ranging from a few weeks extending to a max of 1.5 years in which I commuted to the head office once a month to meet with my teams. Feel we need to find what works for us to make “work” work for us and our life.

What advice will you give to someone starting a career in product management?

Stay hungry, Stay foolish, Stay focused and Stay eager. It’s a career where you never stop learning, never make a mistake because you always can and will find newer more innovative and satisfying ways to serve your customers and their needs. If you are detailed oriented and have the patience to create/build/innovate/learn and repeat that every day, you will make a great product manager.

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