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Meet the SHEROES - Kashish Vaidya

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Kashish has a degree in Communication Design from NIFT, New Delhi having specialized into graphic design and ad copywriting. Starting her career with JWT under the Nokia and Frito Lays team, Kashish now holds an experience of over four years across many agencies and brands and has churned into a multi-faceted professional with experience in Social Media Marketing, Copywrting, Graphic Designing, Sales and more. She tells SHEROES about Yours Socially and her journey-

Tell us more about what you do and your journey.

I head a Marketing Communications agency by the name of Yours Socially, which I started in the month of May, 2012, when I had a 6 month old baby in the cradle. Most people thought I was crazy and should have waited for the baby to grow older, but I knew I had to start it right then!

The agency is typically for companies who want to do a little more for themselves or see themselves losing ground in a few more years due to competition. We offer, strategise, design, suggest, advice and eventually execute whatever is best for them to sustain and succeed in.

What got Yours Socially started?

I am a believer and that’s what got Yours Socially started. I come from a family which has the quintessential middle-middle class background and hence never had the kind of money that one needs to have a lavish office space, and an experienced team. So, I decided to start all by myself, in a small study room at home. Dedication, hard-work and patience helped fasten the pace from being a one man army, to a general of creative troops!

Also, I was an early believer in the power of social media. Ever since I graduated in Fashion Communication from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, this interest soon became a loving addiction in no time. I used to be on my Desktop day and night figuring out what is what when most of the nation was averse to technology. Even though I had a list of “What I want to become” – Social Media always attracted me. It’s been more than 2 years of operating as an entrepreneur now, and I genuinely feel we have come a long way in helping organizations harness the power and magic of the web, to expand their reach and take on bigger players in the game.

What facts should one be aware of while starting a career in digital marketing?

I always say, that if you love to explore, then the digital marketing industry is for you! From a person who is part of this field, I would expect that they do not hesitate in experimenting with ideas and has an imagination that goes absolutely bizarre. It is this quality that will take them places.

Were there any challenges that faced while starting up? What were these challenges?

Starting up a venture on your own, especially when you have no money in your bank account, can be extremely painful. Right from going off to meetings in a bus (with heels and a corporate dress) to dealing with people who take you for a ride, to getting things streamlined to be on the right track, start-ups can be suicidal!

But at the end of the day, when all the efforts start taking a certain shape, and you join hands with your dream team, it’s all worth it!

 Message to all SHEROES out there. 

Never hold back. You have a plan in mind? Execute! 

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