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Last updated 8 Dec 2014 . 3 min read

Everybody has a story to share and learning about someone’s journey and professional climb is always interesting. There’s so much to learn from other’s experiences,

Today in focus we have Kanika Kohli, an entrepreneur and a SHERO in every way, who came about with an interesting business concept - VegaLyfe

Vegans – there aren’t too many of them in India but still there seems to be large taking for Vegan products.

Let’s hear what made Kanika start the journey of Vegalyfe,

How did the idea of your business VegaLyfe come about?

“VegaLyfe” is a site dedicated to offering healthy Vegan products, eco friendly, cruelty free and chemical free products at one place.

It started out due to my own need. I turned Vegan 2 years ago but at the time, I faced several challenges. There weren’t many places to shop for Vegan products. I had a busy life as a Management Consultant and couldn’t keep looking for Vegan foods, so this idea was slowly born.

What was your first job like and how did you begin your career?

My first job was with Citigroup, more than a decade ago! I was part of the Key Corporate Accounts team and worked as a Relationship Manager.

I part of the founding member team for New Millennium Banking products- Suvidha & Unnati in Delhi. During that assignment I worked to manage the NRVs of the accounts & set up a CRM system for Citibank corporate clients. An interesting experience on the whole.

What are the greatest challenges of being a woman entrepreneur and starting your own website?

I don’t think being a woman makes it any more challenging.

As a woman, I am a creator of life (business ecosystem) and am natural at nurturing. My new venture or every new assignment gets that passionate involvement from me.

Nonetheless, to answer the question – the biggest challenge is that of managing too much as a small team initially when you just begin your own venture. But then that can turn into the fun part as well.

Does the Vegan culture have a following in India?

Yes, it does indeed. The followers maybe small in number but I believe people in India will be inclined towards being Vegan if there is a convenient way to buy & sustain the alternatives supporting the Vegan lifestyle. This is where I come in!

 What are your short term plans for VegaLyfe?

1. To add a wider range of credible vegan products & sources

2. Make the website purchases stable & sustainable.

3. Service the customers well adhering to the quality standards

What are the top three things it takes to be a woman entrepreneur or to succeed in your line of work?

Passion: as a woman our priorities “can” easily switch between work, family & much more. Passion is one single thing that inspires one to stay on track!

Commitment to action: Ideas need to be acted upon without fail.

Art of juggling too much: need I say more on this one now!  We all know this!

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