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Image Consulting is a relatively new field in India but one that is growing by the second. Today we speak to Kalyani Kamble, the founder of Image Impetus about Image Consulting and her thoughts on life! 

What inspired you to be an Image Consultant? 

I believe that - 'Your image is your main building block'. There is no reason why you shouldn’t want it to be transformed or cultivated for better perception by all those who directly or indirectly matter to you. By being an image consultant I would have the opportunity to change lives and thereby help people achieve their goals. This is the thought that inspired to choose this career path.

How is Image Consulting different from the field of 'styling'?

I have encountered many people who come up to me and ask me, how is my job different than that of a stylist. Well, to clear that uncertainty today, styling is a small part of Image Consulting as a whole. Image Consulting is about "Image inside out” It concentrates on you as a person. Image has 4 A's appropriate authentic attractive and affordable. It is definitely "Styling” and much more.

In this line of work, what are the biggest challenges?

One of the biggest challenges in any entrepreneurial venture is being consistent and having utmost belief in what you do and moreover the courage to hold on. It took over a year to make a mark and reap financial benefits. Another big challenge is being a working mother. However, in the end, this is something that inspires me. Working and always aiming for excellence in spite of all the challenges the universe throws my way.

Where do you see yourself professionally in the short-term?

 Currently, I am a master NLP practioner and I’ve also studied psychology. Professionally, I see myself as pioneer in the industry as an effective image consultant and life coach. My goal is to transform 100 lives in two years. I aim to make noteworthy contribution and help women empower themselves with self-employment and enhance their image to create an impact.

What advice would you give to fellow Sheroes?

To all my fellow sheroes out there, you are very powerful and if you follow your dreams with consistency there is nothing out there that can stop you from achieving it. All you need to do is, inculcate discipline, master your craft and be the best at what you do. Catch hold of your dream and follow it right up till the end.

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