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Published on 15 Sep 2014 . 3 min read

Geetika started her career as an entrepreneur straight out of college. A five year entrepreneurial stint prepared her well for the role as the Executive Director of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE).

Geetika actively engages and energises activities for women entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, youth and early stage entrepreneurs as well as creates a bridge with policy makers, academicians, corporates and investors.

She joined TiE in Delhi in 2001 during the early days of its inception in India and has seen its growth making a deep impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Geetika tell us about TiECON 2014 and more -

Tell us more about yourself.

 I have had a very fulfilling and rewarding journey with TiE for 14 years and have had the opportunity to meet and learn from some amazing people. Having had the chance to build and grow an organization that impacts the life of hundreds of people is an opportunity that I treasure. The plate is always full with the sheer intensity of work at TiE as well as the demands of family life with a teenage son and an entrepreneur spouse.

How has TiE impacted the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

TiE has played a key role in instilling confidence and pride in entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs. As a result of that, more than ever before, people are looking at entrepreneurship as a career option. TiE has also played a great role as a catalyst and a platform to connect various people in this ecosystem leading to better informed and better connected individuals. TiE has various programs that cater to the personal and professional development of an entrepreneur.

What are the mega trends disrupting industries?

Mobile and internet being used for instant gratification is a causing a major disruption. Distances don’t matter anymore as people connect and discuss real time due to social media. There is no right time for effecting “disruption"- it needs to be done all the time. The demographic profile of the world, the ubiquity of bandwidth, the availability of massive amounts of data and the ability to read and analyze them, the shift of power to the consumer due to a variety of levers, the rise of new economic powerhouse nations, the proliferation of low cost education, are some mega trends that are and will shape the economies, throw up opportunities and disrupt the incumbents.

What is the focus of TiECON this year? 

The theme of TiEcon Delhi 2014 is “Abki Baar Disruption”.

In today’s complex, dynamic world, having a disruptive innovation capability is mandatory, both for growing a business and protecting existing markets. For entrepreneurs, even more so.  It’s the mindset of disruption along with the skills, processes, the tools and the values that opportunities and markets are seized and served. Quite literally disruption is at the core of Entrepreneurship. 

Other than exciting sessions, the entire experience of attending TiEcon will be worthwhile due to the multitude of well planned networking activities. They are designed to serve the needs of each and every attendee.

An advice you would like to give to someone starting-up

Becoming an entrepreneur is an emotional, mental and financial commitment so evaluate carefully if you are ready for it. Once you take the jump into this challenging yet exciting journey, have the staying power and mental strengthen to weather the storms. Don’t be afraid to seek advice and help whenever required.

Delhi TiECON 2014 happens this year on Oct 17th and 18th. Check out the agenda here, register for the most awesome insights on technology and more. 

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