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Published on 27 Jul 2015 . 4 min read

Deepti Tarakanath, an independent film-maker talks to us today about how she ventures into this field and what is the differentiation factor of her Production House. What are her experiences as a woman in the corporate film making industry? And according to her, what does it take to succeed in the field? Qualification and passion or both?

How did you venture into independent film-making?

I had studied film way back in the 90s and when I needed to restart my career in 2011, I chose to get into marketing and zoomed into the Lifestyle, Luxury and Public Service space as this was what resonated to me. This helped me, understand todays vibrant and evolving market and the minute Films came my way (which was always my core intention) I flipped it around as - offering Films with adjunct marketing services.

Tell us a little about yourself, your past experiences / life story?

I grew up in the luxurious but dull city Kuwait. As a child growing up there, I always looked forward to my holidays in India. Even as a child the madness and chaos called India fascinated me. 

Living here now for so many years has been quite a journey and I still love it as intensely. You could say I have found myself, or at least I’m close to finding myself. This experience was so essential for me in life.

The other deep experience that I always draw upon, is that of being a mother. It has shown me so much and has been an avenue for an intense participation with life. It’s not about the role of being a mother but the joy of being one that has changed me and sorted me.

Can you name some of the significant projects you’ve worked on?

An HIV rehabilitation NGO that relentlessly needs to take care of inmates day and day out, have run out of grants due to new Government policies but they are unstoppable in their efforts and humanity. This film that we made was a fund raiser. It is being used to open conversations in various forums like corporates to mobilize the required funds needed to take care of the inmates in this 50 bed center. The response has been fabulous.

I have worked on corporate films and have created video content for a journalistic feature on Björn Borg’s UNITE THE LOVERS website. There are a lot of projects in the pre-production stage just now.

I also worked on an ad for a jewellery brand whoch reaches out to its audience with the subtext of a beautiful Bengaluru. The idea was to pay tribute to the city’s culture and sensibilities as the foremost important design influence of the creations. The advertisement has been designed for internet marketing, cinema and other electronic media.

As a woman film maker, what challenges do you face in the industry? Especially in India?

It’s tough for women I think anywhere, as there is a general conditioning about how a woman needs to tango professional and personal life.

But if a woman draws up her own rules and plays the game she wants to play in any chosen industry, she will certainly pave her way, and everyone will fall in line.

Do you believe qualifications are important in this line or passion for work is enough? What helps one succeed in this line?

First its passion and then qualification helps

What do you think lack in today's women artists in the country, what would you tell them to focus on improving on?

I think the concept of woman or man does not exist when it comes to talent, skill, professionalism and passion.

But I do feel there is a lot women can do together if they team up and believe in their strength. It’s something else to have powerful and dynamic women turn things around. This is my belief.

What is the project that is closest to your heart that you have worked on? What did the experience teach you?

I am working on my Children’s Film banner which is extremely close to me and which I truly believe in called - IF CHILDREN RULED OUR WORLD TALKIES or ICROW Talkies.

I can talk about it only when it sees the light of day.

I am aiming to make the first film in the series by the end of 2015

What future plans do you have for yourself? Professionally and personally?

I intend that my Production House, SHIFFT FILMS be considered a factory for making slick and effective films of high production value of all genres- Corporate Films to Training to Ads to Wedding to Shots and Features.On the personal level, well.. Have fun!

Deepti tarakanath
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