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18 Mar 2015 . 3 min read

Meet the SHEROES - Deepa Sayal

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'There are no short cuts to success'

Today we have in focus Deepa Sayal who founded ADG Online Solutions - a company that provides a wholesome digital marketing experience. Digital marketing is a prominent and growing sector today and is a much needed requirement for most businesses. Let's see what this entrepreneur has to share with us today!

What line of work are you in currently?

I am a digital and social media evangelist for the last eight years and worked extensively on many national and international projects.

Digital has been the most creatively inclined and a satiating stream as far career contentment is the question. Every day is another day with new ideas and innovations being baked with new tools and technologies.

We initially started our journey with a Tech newspaper - and gradually moved into many other streams. The journey does not stop here, we intend to move another yard and make a new discovery towards augmenting our services expertise.

What inspired you to enter this field professionally?

My journey started in 1997 working as an account manager in an ad-agency,shifting places and positions in various marketing streams and product verticals in the industry.

I always felt that there could be an interesting digital story in the making and hence, ADG Online Solutions was born in 2007. The business was instigated with a paid up capital of one Lakh Rupees and till today, ADG Online is completely bootstrapped.  The company now boasts of many renowned national and international accounts with numerous affluent B2B and B2C clientele in India and abroad. I have recently been conferred with the "Women Leadership achievement award in Digital and Social Media Sector” by the World Women Leadership congress.

As a creative agency, we constantly ideate across newer platforms providing brand-makeovers, creating viral campaigns and creative content, like digital apps. However, our forte is Digital Demand Generation for a large bunch of accounts.etc. We have come a long way by God’s grace.

What do you feel today's working women lack on the professional front?

I strongly believe there has to be a tender balance in whatever you do. Women are doing some commendable work out there at the professional front. However, whether personal or professional, all fronts are imperative in my view and the real super achiever is who balances it all out. 

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? 

Nothing beats the spirit to constantly innovate, ideate and passionately work on your goals. Every successful enterprise needs to have a stand apart USP and that’s the motto. Besides, there are no short cuts to success; hence one needs to have perseverance and patience.

How do you manage your work-life balance?

God has been very kind, yet I am driven by a strong sense of achievement and purpose. The blessing in disguise is an inborn passion to excel. Last but not the least, my family is my source of strength and I am fortunate to have a very supporting team

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