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Paroma Sen

Meet the SHEROES - Deblina Sen

POSTED ON 9 Dec 2014
3 Min read

Originally from Kolkata, today’s SHERO in focus – Deblina Sen is an enterprising young woman who recently quit her high profile job at a law firm to branch out on her own. She is an advocate by profession and now runs her own entity that goes by the name of Advent Juris.

Let’s read on to know more about her journey,

What inspired you to start your own entity – Advent Juris and moreover, what inspired you to enter the legal profession?

My maternal grandfather was a lawyer and throughout my childhood his work and profession inspired me. It made me pursue law as a career option. I’ve worked for other law firms for more than 8 years and it just felt right to start my own venture, hence came about Advent Juris.

After all these years, I guess I wanted a feeling of working for myself and not anyone else. This made me take the plunge.

What are the biggest challenges in this field when you start out on your own?

Well, you need to know your market and then figure out how to market yourself! I specialize in Corporate law so essentially my line of work deals with M&A’s, Private Equity and so on. After years of working in another company, the greatest challenge is marketing yourself as a professional and developing your own business when you initially start out.

Getting the clients and proving yourself to be reliable is of course a challenge too, but once you initiate contact and prove yourself, the flow begins.

What are your short term plans for Advent Juris?

I want to eventually turn it into a mid-size organisation that also provides legal services in other areas. The current focus is just Corporate Law.

What advice can you give to fellow women lawyers?

It always helps to rough it out initially, work hard and prove yourself in reputed law firms. Do not take it easy in the initial years and you will reap the benefits later. Be mentally prepared and have a strong mindset, set goals and push to achieve them. For young lawyers who are just entering the arena, I’d tell them not to just look for the pay packet factor but to also focus on learning from their first job. Success doesn’t come easy. Everyone wants big money but when you are fresh out of college or when you decide to start your own company, you need to have patience and work hard to get anywhere.

Any pointers for women lawyers who want to start their own law firm?

You must understand your core area and nurture your specialization. Be on top of your subject before starting out on your own, that way you can build trust among your clients.

What would you share with fellow SHEROES out there?

You must be totally focused when you begin a new venture or when you decide to pursue a career.

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Written by Paroma Sen

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