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Meet the SHEROES - Anubha Walia

POSTED ON 3 Aug 2015
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Anubha Walia is the founder of PRISM Training and Consultancy – an organization focused on enabling people to unlock their true potential. In her journey so far, she has trained over 25000+ pupils and won more than 5 global awards. She is a mother to a beautiful 13 years old daughter.

Tell us about yourself

One word for me-- A dreamer. But then only relying on dreams isn't enough. I love to dream and achieve the dreams, converting them into reality.  I am originally from Ajmer and completed my graduation from LSR, Delhi University,currently pursuing my PhD, first lady from India doing research on "Followership"and devoting myself to training and quality. My training journey was hard but fruitful, from disappointments to winning well-known accolades.

I watched the world go by as it is, the pessimist remained while the opportunists were flourishing, being confined to home in the early years of marriage, I was somewhere torn between taking care of my little one and being an ideal home-maker to going out there and achieving my professional dreams. It was then with support of my husband that I finally made the bold move!

But I chose to overcome everything that was pulling me back, family pressures, fear of unknown, anticipation of future and took the leap of faith. With the leap was born,  "I" the "doer "who, with time used her potential to the fullest and gained as much experience as she could and today after over 16 years in the industry stands here with pride. 

2) What is the objective of Prism Training World?

The objective is simple and to-the-point; to move beyond conventional training methods and inculcate creativity and fun with adult learning principles to impart all kinds of knowledge.

3) How is it helping women in their careers?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula to be truly successful with us. We provide openness and willingness to practice new behaviours. We look at all opportunities as learning experiences and provide opportunities, but ensure that one practices self-discipline. My employees are allowed to work from Home, nurture their families by making it simple and "Earn as you learn" with us.

4) What is work life balance to you?

Time is an individual's greatest resource. While time stops for no one and cannot be "managed," individuals can manage how they use their time. This is the key difference between those who accomplish tasks efficiently and those people whose days seem to slip through their fingers. Everyone is allotted the same amount of time in a day, same was with me – 86400 seconds or 24 hours, but I had observed successful people approach time differently. They regard time as precious, so I started doing same and put strategies in place for getting the most out of valuable resource.

*Practicing big picture planning using a "seven-day perspective," which involves writing out a plan for the upcoming week. I take special care to integrate family situations, non-work time, and meals--especially dinners--into schedules and yes sipping tea together daily morning with family.

*Know how to prioritize tasks.

*Plan with energy cycles in mind. This allows me to schedule important tasks for times when I am at best.

*I review progress weekly by myself by using evernote app.

*Say "no" to things that are not important to me.

*Identify and avoid time wasters, such as too much TV, online surfing, shopping, gaming, texting, low-value reading, looking for things, gossiping, or even something as simple as using a slow computer.

*Spend my time the way I want to spend it.

*Remain flexible.

* Isolating quality time with family

*Making my profession a part of my family and vice versa so that I at no point have to choose between the two.

A message to all SHEROES out there.

Set your goals, make a plan of action to achieve them, and make sure you strike a balance between professional and personal goals. We are a part of Indian community and society, and that’s an advantage to us and should be a push factor. Find someone or something that inspires you and then with time turn yourself into a source of inspiration for the rest of the SHEROES out there!

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