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Coming from a business background, before taking to art, Anjali Maheshwari worked as an Equity Market analyst and a portfolio manager.She also played a vital role in business development of her family business which is of creating artifacts made of gem stones procured from across the world.

Eldora Art has been a natural progression after her decision to delve into the art world. Eldora Art curates and makes fine art available to art connoisseurs, getting talented artists the recognition they deserve.Through her passion for art, she has aimed at helping artists to showcase their works and gain valuable exposure within places where their skills would be appreciated.

Tell us more about what you do

As an art consultant and curator,my goal is to promote fine and uncommon artworks from across the country, available to art connoisseurs.There is an enormous amount of untapped talent in our country which needs to be brought to the forefront and given the recognition it deserves.My aim is to promote not just artists from the metros but also deserving artists who come from small towns and different parts of India,to showcase their works in markets where they can attain true value.

Was art always your calling?

I have always felt that art is a journey without an end point. For me, art is ever-evolving; that is what fascinates me. I have been involved with my family business (of dealing with high end artifacts made of gemstones) for many years. While this has taught me the finer nuances of the business of dealing with the visual medium, my true passion always remained the field of paintings , which led to the birth of Eldora Art. Combining my passion for contemporary art with the business knowledge I have from my family business.

How can one become an art consultant? Tips for people seeking to follow this career.

To become an art consultant/curator one must have a keen eye,a clear understanding and passion for art.Other skills include strong networking,communication skills and the ability to understand the evolving market and its needs.What is also needed is, time building your cultural and artistic sensibilities by connecting with as many diverse artists as possible.

What are the pros and cons of being an art consultant?

I find myself learning new facets of all cultures often; to be able to do this in my work environment is truly rewarding. This is a passion-driven job requiring hard work. To combine your love for art with a business model requires not only a strong personality but also confidence and true dedication.

One needs to have lot of patience on several levels in dealing with the artist and the buyer. Sometimes it can be a task to make artists from small towns understand a particular requirement and have the same delivered. Not all of them have the required communication skills, which is the reason why I come in the picture to mediate between the artist and the buyer to make both understand each other better.

In my experience, the best art consultants tend to be the ones with the most diverse cultural exposure, which allows them not only to have an accurate gauge of an artists’ appeal but also to cater to buyers in great detail.

Message to all SHEROES out there.

Never give up on your passion. Always try one more time!

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