Mamta Aces The Data Analytics Game At Accenture

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Mamta Aggarwal Rajnayak, a senior manager with the customer analytics team shares her thoughts on her journey at Accenture. She also shares her perspectives on how she manages a  team of more than 40 talented statisticians—a learning experience in itself.


Tell us about yourself.

In my current role, I’m part of the customer analytics team, where I lead the product vertical and manage a team of more than 40 highly qualified statisticians.

My team works on projects that leverage the latest machine learning techniques to predict customer behavior and empower our clients to place the customer experience at the heart of their business.


What does a typical workday look like for you?

Now that my 10-year-old son is at home, enjoying his vacation, my day starts early in the morning. I spend some quality time with him and help him catch up with his studies. After breakfast, I start my work over tea with my colleagues, where we brainstorm and puzzle over the business challenges encountered in our data analysis.

It is quite fun to work with a team of young minds who bring their energy to the table, every day. When we complete a project or close a client deal, we feel a great sense of achievement and we make sure to celebrate as a family.


What is the most exciting thing about the work you do at Accenture?

My work at Accenture gives me the opportunity to work with the latest tools and techniques while allowing me to drive sales for the business. In the past two years, I feel that my body of work has added great value to my personality and my skills. The entrepreneurial work environment at Accenture helps me thrive.


Tell us about a project you have worked on at Accenture that you are most proud of?

I’m happy to say that I enjoy all of the work that I have done with Accenture. However, the project I am most proud of is my work on establishing a CRM team for an oil and gas major. I also worked hard to grow this team, moving up from  3 to 28 members within a year’s time and the team is still thriving and adding value to the client. We recently extended this client’s contract by 3 additional years.

I also lead the “Advanced Analytics Women Forum” in India which brings together advanced analytics women. Through this forum, we help women in solving their day to day challenges and promote a culture of leveraging intelligent insights and data science within the workplace.

Additional, being responsible for hiring, I am able to onboard desired skills and hence making sure that we succeed in all aspects.


How does Accenture provide you with opportunities for growth?

At Accenture, I can define my own growth by setting my boundaries based on my strengths. It helps me contribute to Accenture's growth by doing what I am best at, which is a great feeling.


How does Accenture help you achieve your career goals?

My mantra is to keep learning and adding value to our clients, myself and the world around me.

I’m lucky that I’m able to achieve my goal here, as Accenture is a place of opportunity. I have the freedom to choose what I want to do and I receive the support I need from leadership to achieve my goals.

Accenture invests heavily in its talent through training and workshops. Here, I get the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies in the industry—it helps me stay ahead of the curve.


How does Accenture contribute to encouraging women in the field of data analytics?

Accenture contributes—by donating money and time—to the “Hour of Code”.  

The “Hour of Code” helps develop the next generation of technologists. Accenture employees volunteer to help students learn the basics of computer science at local schools through fun, game-based online lessons. The initiative helps develop the next generation of technologists and also supports the increased participation of women in technology.


Who has inspired you the most at work?

My manager, Charu Nahata, a partner at Accenture, has been a driving force for me at work. Her guidance has helped me amplify my efforts and drive solutions wherever needed. I’m pleased to have a mentor like Charu, who recognizes my hard work and helps me reach new heights at Accenture.


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