#MakingItWork From Workaholic PR To A Passionate Mommy Blogger

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A workaholic PR consultant dashing in and out of fashion shows and events, life for Vaishali Sudan Sharma was going in the right direction. Then pregnancy happened and it did slow down things for her. This eventually pushed her towards writing. Now, a full time blogger, Vaishali is the founder of The Champa Tree, one-stop solution for parenting tips and hacks. This is Vaishali’s story of #MakingItWork.


“I am a stay-at-home working mom who is passionate (and more than forthcoming ;) about sharing her motherhood experience. You can call me a full-time mommy blogger and a part time PR professional.  I love to know the stories of the fellow women, who just like me have embarked on the journey of multi-tasking!


I grew up in Delhi in a Punjabi family and at the age of 26 got married to a cricket junkie who works as an IT professional. Because of my tough pregnancy, I’d to quit a full-time job as a PR consultant.



Although I knew I would not be the first among my friends to have children (I was nearly 30 at the time), I figured once my child-rearing days were over, I would have to fall back on a solid work-option! While my little one was only three-months-old, I got myself managing content for a beauty blog. That’s exactly when I found my dream job.


I realized content-writing could be fun. I used to blog on music in my uni-days, only this time I wanted to amp up my writing skills. So yes, dreams do come true. I now work for myself as a founder of The Champa Tree. One of the leading parenting blogs in India.




I was doing well as a PR professional. Traveling left right center. Busy managing lifestyle accounts, attending fashion shows, life as a workaholic was going just fine. And then pregnancy happened. It was probably nature’s way of suggesting I take it slow. As I have already mentioned, it wasn't quite an easy one, I was also asked to rest as much as I could. So, It called for a break. But post-delivery I realized life can’t be focused on just one thing. I love being a mother. In fact it fascinates me. So, I thought might as well put my ‘drafting press release’ skills into good use.




In no time the blog was monetized. My favorite spot in the house was turned into an office. I hired like-minded people to assist me by extending their support on a freelance basis. By the start of 2016, I could see dreams shaping up. Our blog was grabbing eyeballs, garnering mileage, getting exclusive invites for parenting/kids-centric events.


Little did I know quitting one job at the peak of pregnancy would also open other job-avenues. It’s not that I am a perfect mother and so whatever I share through the blog should be followed to a tee. Parenting challenges me to learn and do new things every day, allows me to work hard and be creative, and also gives me the opportunity to serve others in a very meaningful way.




The Champa Tree was conceived in the month of May of 2014. Around the same time as my son’s birth. An initial couple of years demanded my utmost attention. I have worked really hard in nurturing them both. Now, I watch them grow and this gives me immense pleasure.




I am a learner. Writing is a part of my learning experience. On the practical side of things, I have a BA in Mass Communications from IP College for Women (Delhi University). I spent a couple of years abroad studying International Marketing and the nuances of lobbying plus brand communications. It has been over 7 years drafting product releases.


Besides authoring several blogs and being a contributory writer on others, I have also gained some technical experience in digital marketing which has helped me grow as a writer.


I can feel the pain and joys of a mom undergoing postpartum depression, I can feel the frustration of a woman battling PCOS who is struggling to be a mom. I can understand what it feels like for a stay-at-home to be constantly battling the woes of loneliness and boredom. Afterall, what better way to get it all off your chest than writing it down?





Most Indian women end up putting their ambitions on the back burner for the sake of having an ‘ultimate’ family life. I am not fully content with the way our current society views and supports mothers.


Nearly half of the working women population quit their jobs after having a baby. And those who have support at home- go back to their previous/current organization. Most aren't open to exploring new options. Either they are too tired to dream big or are in a hurry. I know of a few who were afraid to answer the question- ‘What do you do?' Since they are scared to face the society who doesn't accept anything but the mundane. The preconceived notion and worrying about what others have to say also prompts new moms from letting go. So, ladies, do remember- risk taking ability is the key to success.




Absolutely inevitable. It isn't only about a dual income status. Yes! That does bring financial stability and financial independence for women. But, it’s also about chasing your dreams. Women here or abroad have always aspired for a challenging life. It’s only off-late that Indian women have expressed the ‘want’ (and not ‘need’) to work. It sure is a difficult choice as they have to manage both their home and work. The responsibility of taking care of children can make a career difficult to deal with. But, that can be worked out.




Ladies! Follow your heart, be creative and articulate in your observations. At times what you want to write may get too personal which a lot of people might not prefer reading. So, whether to stick to topics which are ‘most read’ or ‘I want to share’ could be an issue at the onset. But, I just have one advice: Be expressive, don’t worry if the thoughts aren’t flowing seamlessly, don’t worry if you only have a few lines to share (and not articles worth 200 words), don’t worry if you are not being followed or liked enough… Just start from somewhere. Blogging and writing can be a hobby or your main profession. It all depends on your dedication.


Most entrepreneurs are scared of getting started. However, if you can dream, have good intentions, and the best entrepreneurial mind, without taking action, you can never (and I mean never) achieve anything. Dream big- Get started and take risks! Believe in this mantra :)


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An unapologetic writer, budding travel enthusiast and a default optimist! Life is what you make out of it.

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