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A Window To Her Dreams #BookReview

The story revolves around the eldest daughter of the Sharmas, Aruna. Her failed marriage has burdened her with expectations to ‘make-it-work’ the second time. A young divorcee who ties knot with her college mate, Bhuvan, who suddenly reappears in her life. 

After being in a failed, abusive marriage, Aruna wanted validation from the judgemental society and a baby! She jumped on the chance to marry, to find a safe haven, away from her parents and constant scrutiny which she was being subjected to. But the baggage of a failed love marriage looms over Aruna’s second alliance. 

Aruna’s character is not black and white, it has shades of grey just like all of us. She is cunning and fragile, innocent and shrewd. She is however a prisoner of her past experiences. 

Bhuvan, the story’s second protagonist and Aruna’s second husband is a character written with love and patience. He’s not holier than thou but a dependable person. One can get the sense of this character when he quips, that the notion of men being in constant denial of their emotions is completely false. Bhuvan is true to his emotions and not afraid to accept his vulnerabilities. 

Why two people who are so right for each other, yet find it difficult to establish intimacy? What is it that is stopping them to connect on a deeper level? 

Their fragile relationship undergoes the litmus test when Aruna’s past demons come back to haunt her. When it looks like things are panning out in their favour, situations arise to again plunge them headlong into turbulent waters. Aruna’s distrust, Bhuvan’s silences and Rafi’s (Aruna’s first husband) resurrection in their life leads to create a downward spiral that shakes her to the core. 

We have parallel plots playing out, of characters like Aruna’s parents, Arun Sharma and Uma Sharma and her brother, Dheeraj which makes for good sub-plots. 

Aruna’s fight to shriek off the past to find a better future for herself is the crux of the story. 

Written by Harshali Singh, the tagline of the book reads, ‘A story that unfolds in many homes but remains untold.’ Harshali’s debut novel is a decent attempt at storytelling. It also counter questions many cliches offered by society. Harshali is a New Delhi based Member Judge at the Consumer Forum, an avid reader and a passionate Painter.   

A Window To Her Dreams is a love story sans mush and the mills and boons narrative. It’s a story of triumph and empowerment through love. Grab your copy to read what follows the culmination of Aruna and Bhuvan’s marital life.  


Lola Jutta
An unapologetic writer, budding travel enthusiast and a default optimist! Life is what you make out of it.

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