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Last updated 29 Nov 2016 . 2 min read

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The biggest perk of being a Travel Writer is the fact that one can travel the world for free! The best way to create a master content travel piece is sharing anecdotes of your adventure travel accompanied with some great landscape images.

To become an ace Travel Writer follow travel websites of popular travel writers like Pico Iyer, Elizabeth Gilbert and Bill Bryson. Read their work, to grasp their engagement with people.

Handle social media like a pro! To succeed as a travel writer, it is very important to connect with your readers and fellow travellers. Unlike 10 years back, you can hook with them at the touch of your screen. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest are some great mediums to showcase your work to the world and become an influencer.

Always believe that you are surrounded by beauty and believe that the world is your home. Then there will be no stopping you! Just as a painter paints and a dancer dances’, you’ll travel and write.


Reachout to popular travel publications like Lonely Planet, National Geographic and follow the trends. These publications are read by millions around the world and capture the voice of  your reader. Whenever, wherever possible write for them.

If need be take-up a professional course, to be at the pinnacle of things. A formal training will equip you with better writing techniques, a strong network and greater exposure.

If you are in Delhi NCR coming weekend, then participate in the Travel writing and Photography workshop in Gurgaon to learn about travel writing and optimise your social media reach as a blogger along with tips to click interactive pictures.    



Nidhi Arora
An Elegant Nomad with a passion to excel, an eye for detail, a bucket list to travel and food for thought! *Humor is mandatory, Spirituality is essence*

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