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Lola Jutta

Life Under 35k Salary In Delhi For Single Working Women

POSTED ON 12 Jan 2017
4 Min read

Single women are killing it by living independently. But independence costs, like literally. Rephrasing Eleanor Roosevelt, my father formed a phrase; “With great freedom, comes great responsibility.” He threw this statement on our faces, whenever we demanded freedom. Just like any other ‘Know-It-All’ Teen. Just an unrelated fact; he came up with the phrase way before Spiderman had released, take that Spidey!



But the fact remains living alone costs a lot of money. So how much is required to live a decent life. A word of caution- No two persons have the same lifestyle. But, counting in the basic factor like roti, kapda, makaan aur billswe asked two kickass working women (who wish to remain anonymous) living in a rented apartment as roommates, their monthly expenditure. 


Ms. P

“I am a compulsive shopper! With that out of way, I can focus on telling you my basic monthly expenditures. Please don’t ask me about my shopping expenses, it’s embarrassing how much money I shell for it. So, I spend 8000 on my rent and 600 on maid services. My utilities cost me around 1000, this includes, electricity, water and gas cylinder charges.  TV recharge and newspapers cost me 560 and 170 respectively. Earlier, I used to eat outside regularly. But, things have changed for me, as I realised the importance of not torturing my body. I have started eating home-cooked food as it is healthy and, let’s be honest more economical. But, I am a social butterfly and love hanging out with my friends. I am also a foodie to the core and don’t mind experimenting with new cuisines. So where there are friends and get-togethers, food is an essential accompaniment. So, the food part costs me somewhere around Rs. 5000- Rs. 7000; the upper limit reaches when I go out for fine dining, which is not very often. Travelling normally takes up 3000 bucks of my salary. I do have to tell you, I am a lazy bum and hop into an auto everytime I get the chance. Hence, the crazy travel bills. I smoke close to 4000 bucks, so don’t judge! Finally the most important of all these expenses, SAVINGS. I mark Rs. 8000 to my RD every month. So yeah, I am proud of myself :)”


Grand Total-30,330 (not including the upper limit of fine dining)

Ms. S


So P made a solid ground for me to start! Anyway, I won’t say that I am a miser, but I don’t ‘shell’ money for sure. Neither do I believe in pinching my pocket and living a drab life. Me and my roomie share every common expense to the T. Just like her, even I pay 8000 for the rent, 600 for the maid and my share  of 1000 bucks for utilities. Unlike my roomie, i still eat out regularly. When I say regularly, it means everyday. No judgements please. Therefore the food and ‘chilling-with-friends’ expenses go around 9000 for me. I travel by metro and my office is just a stone’s throw away from the station. A round about figure for travel would be 1500 bucks. I ain’t a fashionista like P, so clothes and shopping take up only 3000 of my salary. I am a thousand bucks smarter than P :) I save 9000 every month by marking it to my RD. I am pretty happy with this structure as of now. We share the monthly kitchen provisions and veggies and fruits expenditure, on alternate monthly basis. Technically speaking, we add on 2000-2500 to our expenses, every alternate month”


Grand Total- Rs. 32,100 (+2500)

These ladies surely know how to live life without any inhibitions. They admit their fetishes and areas they love to splurge on. But at the same time, they make it a point to save money and not indulge recklessly in a luxurious lifestyle. 

Above are just individual examples of single women’s monthly expenditure in Delhi. They don’t represent scores of other, equally spunky, single, working women. If you think that you manage your expenses in a different manner, do share with us your economic plan. We will be happy to feature it :)


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Written by Lola Jutta

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