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Published on 8 May 2019 . 1 min read

life guide by dentist life guide by dentist

In the fast rushing world, Megha is that calm which makes us stop and think about where exactly is it that we are rushing. A 24-year-old yoga enthusiast and a self-confessed dog lover, she believes in competing with herself and not giving in to the maddening rush that we are forced to participate in. Here is a millennial’s take on life.

On Yoga

Megha has been practising yoga for three years now and has even taught it. In the age when we don’t really care about the well-being of our minds or our bodies and are busy misusing the energy of our youth, Megha practised advanced level yoga. She was never one to hit the gym or do running. She found it boring to confine herself within the four walls of a gym and slog it out on the treadmill (I couldn’t identify more!). In yoga, she found the calm she had been seeking. Yoga, she could do according to her personal time and space and she relished that space.

megha doing yoga

Yoga gave her peace and made her a calm person. A dentist about to start her masters in Mangalore yoga helped her focus on studies too. Most importantly though, yoga looked cool, she jokes!

Struggles With PCOD

In our times it’s become so common for all of us to have illnesses which we used to relegate to old age. Hypertension, heart problems, you name it and we have got it! No wonder then Megha was no exception to this surge in illnesses. But she was an exception to how she decided to deal with it.

Fed up of the huge mood swings owing to the variety of drugs she had to consume, she realised, that wasn’t the route for her. Weight gain, hair loss, skin issues we all know how much anxiety these things give us. No wonder then Megha switched to Yoga to cure herself of all the various issues that came with PCOD. And voila, regularised practised worked wonders for her as she was able to reduce the number of issues that came with PCOD.

Why I will never stop doing Yoga.

On Becoming A Dentist

She has some really good advice to give as far as dentistry is concerned. All the aspiring dentists take note! She has completed her Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) and will now soon be starting her MD. She wanted to initially pursue designing and believes herself to be “pretty crafty”. But when that didn’t materialise she realised she could still pursue her skills in another profession, Dentistry!

megha as dentist

So what does she have to say to all medical enthusiasts?

  • Be Sure:

    Only get into this field if you are 100% passionate about it. Because only then will you get the strength to rough it out over the years. Its gonna be tough my girls and you need to have your own conviction of thought and resilience to rough it out!
  • Time-consuming Process:

    It’s a time-consuming process. Five years of BDS and then specialization is going to be a total of 7 years and patience will be a virtue that you would need to develop.

    But the fruits of your labour will all be worth it in the end. Job satisfaction is the one thing, guaranteed!
  • Dependent On Parents:

    Before you get into the process, Megha suggests that you need to be prepared for the fact that you are going to be dependent on your parents at least till the age of 28. So while your friends from economics or other professional courses will be earning for themselves you would still be studying and waiting to start that journey. This can be annoying! But hold steady because it is about to get soo good!
  • Low Pay:

    Like it or not but like with most jobs, initially, you are going to be getting peanuts in the name of a salary. Initial pay would be low and dissatisfactory and the frustration is going to be real my friend. However, once you have gotten over the two-year hitch, (present in every private sector job) where you work way more than you are paid, you would begin to be paid really well and would have the lifestyle you had always thought of!

An Army Kid’s Life

Being an army kid myself, I know us army kids are a pampered lot. The most fun anyone has, being a part of the army, are the kids. The men in uniform are extremely busy managing the army personnel and the wives are busy keeping up the morale of their fellow army wives. It’s us army children then who have all the time to enjoy the various facilities provided to us. We have the sports complex, the swimming pools, the clubs, libraries and what not!

A True Nation's Citizen

Another extremely important part of an army child’s personality is not being rooted in any one city or state. And this is exactly the way Megha feels. She doesn’t feel rooted in her home state of Haryana or any other state. Having lived in many cities all through her life she experiences a pan Indian feeling which only increases her sense of patriotism. Never having really been attached to one place, the idea of regionalism or any sort of disparity based on region is an alien concept to her.

Megha's Life Philosophy

We often tend to compete with our peers in various fields. However, Megha believes in having only one competition – herself! She confesses that it sounds really clichéd but stays firm on her belief,

“I don’t really believe in competing with anybody else. It’s an exhausting process and you don’t really end up any better”.

megha's life philosophy

Keeping up with this philosophy she indulges in activities which help her improve herself like yoga or various other hobbies, writing is one of them.

Working With SHEROES

Working constantly to better herself and expanding her avenues, she has been working with SHEROES for over 3 years now. She says writing productively takes her mind off of work and helps her relax. Also keeping up with her bettering herself motto, she says that it’s the development of a new skill. She has handled SHEROES’ fashion and beauty page for nearly three months too. Apart from all the frills though, it's just a good source of pocket money for buying those heels, Megha says, you otherwise find too expensive to buy!

Women like Megha are inspiring. They help us focus on ourselves, as we all should. I am a firm believer in constantly becoming better and just experiencing as much as one can and Megha’s take on life is the north star we need, to remain focussed. You go, girl! And I am sure you will make a kick-ass dentist. Here are the top 4 articles written by Megha you have to read in case you missed out for XYZ reason.

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Vishakha Singh
Social worker, freelance writer, dreamer and full time health enthusiast. I believe that one has to choose her battles and I have chosen mine - women's rights.

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