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7 Lessons Your 30s Will Teach You, Whether You Like It Or Not

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When we were in our teens or in our early 20s, we thought that old age begins at 30. Or we thought how our lives will be absolutely sorted by 30 and we will know it all. Want to know the truth? Here it is. You are farthest from the truth. 20s are for making mistakes. And only in your 30s you seem to awaken. 30s are when you start becoming yourself. Trust me when I tell you this. Here are 7 lessons you learn when you step into your 30s.

#1. Things change. Life moves on.

Listen, that best friend you shared the best moments of friendship with or that guy who professed his undying love for you, might not be in your contact list or social your media profiles now. No it also does not mean that the love or friendship that was professed was a lie. But the thing is that, time changes. We change. We make choices. And in so many of those choices our lives take different turns. We grow. We outgrow. Learn. And unlearn. Things change. People too. And that is how life is. You either accept or fight it. Wisdom lies in acceptance and moving on. Not everyone will walk to the end of your journey. This is the first thing 30s will teach you. That not everything you held close to your heart will sustain. Yes, hearts do break. People do part. Life still moves on.

#2. Life is unpredictable

When we are young or let’s say in school or college, we had compartments. Like the nerd, the pretty one, the outspoken one and so on. And we have ideas in our heads how the nerd will be at the top of the ladder at work or how the prettiest will be the happiest. But life has its own secrets. It was here long before we arrived. When I was young, I wanted to be those girls who got all the attention or the ones whom we thought will be ruling the world, once they passed out of college. The thing is that post that life happened. So many I have seen blossom. The ones we never expected. And so many whom we did look tired and defeated. I do not know, if life is fair or not. But if one thing I know for sure is that life is unpredictable. You don’t know which way it shall roll. The bottom line is that life teaches you to be humble one way or the other. It’s always pays to be humble.

#3. Health and Sleep Are Your Best Investments

Remember the time you could sleep for just 3 to 4 hours and still function well. And you ate all the junk food. Here is the thing. Age is real. Mostly in your 30s the metabolism slows down. A bad lifestyle starts showing up. Hair fall is real. The lesser you sleep, the more your body would stop reacting well. Sleep is the best medicine you will find. Boyfriends/Girlfriends or the movie can wait, but not sleep. It will be one of your dearest assets. Good food, replenishing your body with water are things that will keep the glow on. 30s will teach you the importance of a disciplined lifestyle.

#4. Money Matters

True everyone does not die a billionaire. But by 30, you should have enough for some emergency. You might not have a life full of luxury, but by 30 you should be able to take care of yourself and have some saved for emergency. If you are still living from paycheck to paycheck, you really need to sit down with yourself and figure out the root cause and work through it. No matter what we say, money matters. It gives us dignity to live a good, comfortable life.

#5. The World Owes You Nothing

The older you grow, the more you understand that the world owes you nothing. It was here long before you came and will be long after you leave. If you think you are good at something, you need to work for it. When we are in our twenties, we believe that our talents or ideas will change the world. Yes, it can or it might. But you have to work for it. You think you want to sing. Despite your job, you need to discipline yourself for everyday rehearsals. You sing or not, write or not, the world won’t care. It will move to the next singer or artist. You only owe it to yourself. When I was younger, I thought it was cool to have that, “I don’t care attitude.” But now I understand that if I don’t care about my own gifts no one else will. I am just a passerby in this world. The world moves on with or without my existence.

#6. People you surround yourself with counts

We are all human beings. We all become like the people we surround ourselves with. If we surround ourselves with the toxic ones, we become like that one day or the other. So, the wisest choice you can make in life is surround yourself with people who help you grow. We all have finite energy in a day. If your people drain you at the end of the day, may be you need to change them, unapologetically. You owe your well being to yourself. Walking around drained and tattered will only make you go mad one day. You deserve your own sanity. No one is worth sacrificing it.

#7. Perfection is a myth

This is a hard lesson, I swear. But by now even if you are married to the love of your life or the CEO of the world’s biggest company, your life will still have cracks. You still will have issues to work on with. No human life is without cracks. Perfection is the myth sold by advertisers and nothing else. Life needs constant work and effort. 30s will tell you that.

These are 7 lessons 30s throw on your face. You still have the choice to not learn them, until you get harder lessons. Also, every one learns different lessons in life, but the above are the basics you build your rest of the life with.

What are your life lessons, share with us in the comment section.

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

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She loves life and God. She believes in the power words. She is a writer and a storyteller.

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