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Chandrima Pal

Lessons Rejection Taught Me

POSTED ON 15 Jul 2015
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Just like anybody else I am no exception to rejection. In spite of being rejected several times since childhood and at different spheres, it still drowns me down. It takes quite a while to get up and start again. Rejection is the state where our ability to self-motivate comes to a test.

Recently, standing on an edge of rejection, I have been looking retrospectively and as they said in the movie Inside Out (Imdb), I could figure that previous rejections have equal impact to the successes of my life. This is what rejection taught me –

Not the dead end: Having had a dream to work in the field of chemistry for a long time, when I could see that it was taking me nowhere, I had extreme feeling of having lost it all. It took time to put stop and start thinking again, hold on to other related areas and create a new path in the field of scientific writing. I realized that being rejected to grow in the field of chemistry was not a dead end for me.

You learn being humble: Rejection brings a feeling of not being good enough but this also gives the eye opening message that there are others out there with better ideas, knowledge, perseverance, and better networking. Rejections make us aware of the real situation, whether we like it or not. All the rejections in my life have made me more humble and grateful to the opportunities that I have received after that.

Enhances our ability: Rejection in getting through a job, a desired promotion, or my article idea enhanced my ability to think critically and how people sitting on the other side are thinking.  These rejections compelled me to do a gap analysis and how I can improve. Every popular person has series of rejection stories to tell and so do I. But it has taught me to be assertive, persistent, talk my mind before others, and detail oriented.

Throws out of the comfort zone: Rejection exposed the comfort zone I was in and pushed me out of that. I started networking after many years only after seeing the impact of not doing so. After years of carrying burdens of a stagnant career, I realized I need to reach out, find other people with similar experiences and learn from their approaches towards it. Once I did that I could see plethora of alternative career in Science to be explored.

Understand others better: Having seen a lot of rejection because many employers  could not see the potential of my CV and focused more on the breaks due to changing countries, parenting, or transitioning from one career path to another, I have earned compassion for women and men both who are walking the same path. Job market is still a conservative place; I guide others whenever I can.

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Written by Chandrima Pal

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