Lessons From Myra - Making New Beginnings

Last updated 24 Oct 2015 . 2 min read

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The year ends midweek. Like hanging in the balance... weighing what it should pass on into the next. As usual, I feel the tug of new resolves - new adventures and new expectations. But for the first time am stepping into the next year as two: me and my baby girl.

So I had a kid. Every other person does. No big deal.

But it is. For every individual, in their individualistic battles and in their own spaces…this deal is a big deal. While pulling the rug from under one's feet to giving new threads of strength to hold on to... Motherhood is a plethora of emotional jigsaw to figure out. The small pieces often pull us away from seeing the bigger picture. Clichéd but true. From country hopping to diaper hopping. How much can one life change? How well do we keep a semblance of normalcy in our lives? Do we even recognize what is normal for us anymore? Or do we just twist the very concept of it?

So as I step into this New Year with my baby girl, my resolve is to search out a new meaning of normalcy. Lay down new ground rules. Seek out new opportunities. Start from the scratch. Because motherhood is not an end in itself. It is only a means to re-new that life you were used to living. It is only a new challenge to explore more possibilities within yourself. Someone once likened life to a rocket launch. Every stage needs to be successfully completed to advance into the next and finally be airborne. You miss a stage and you fall back on the ground. I guess its rocket science after all.

As the year progresses my resolve shall grow with my baby. It will learn to sit up by itself, exploratory crawl into new areas…then gingerly find independence on its own legs. I look forward to see it stand with me. I look forward to the New Year. I hope you do too.

Lessons from Myra #1: Knowing yourself well makes you ready to face the future. Start within. 

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Nazia Erum
A victim of the varied muted conversations in my mind.. and the ramifications of it's ruminations. Author of 'Closer to ground' for the United Nations among many other publications. Over five years of experience as a communications specialist with the development sector. Reader. Learner. Communicator. A Hands-on Mother. Shout outs on twitter @e_rumification are welcome.

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