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Last updated 17 Jul 2014 . 2 min read

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In early nineties Facebook’s COO and author of Lean In Sheryl Sandberg spent two years traversing the dusty villages of Rajasthan working for the World Bank. Last week after a couple of decades we had her back leaning in with India women and men. A few quotes from her visit-

1) Economies won't grow if there are less women in the workplace.

2) It is important to have women at every table where decisions are made.

3) Sandberg said often women condition themselves to give up work to look after children-often even before they’re married.

“Don’t leave before you leave,” the mother of two said.

4) Most women in India work almost ten times more than their husbands.

5) If you want to be nice to your wife, don’t buy her flowers, but do the laundry

6) Mobile's exploding, and it's exploding here. No country in the world has more potential than India.

7) Women are never as safe as men, said Ms. Sandberg but India’s lawmakers promising “zero tolerance” for violence against women is a positive sign, she said.

Every voter in the country “needs to stand by this,” she said, because “no country will reach its potential till all women reach their potential.”

8) Don’t mistake a woman’s leadership as her being bossy or too aggressive at work. Instead acknowledge that she has “executive leadership skills.”

Picture Courtesy- Sheryl Sandberg's Facebook Page.

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