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Know How To Become An HR Recruiter

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Recruiters are human resource specialists who help with sourcing candidates for an open position in a company or at a recruitment agency.  In addition to advertising the job, searching for candidates on job portals, screening and interviewing, recruiters may also process paperwork and help with the joining process.

Starting Salary: As a Recruiter, you can expect a starting salary of 15K to 35K plus good commissions.

Expected Average Salary: As an industry average you can get a hike of 15% for next few years.

What does an HR Recruiter do?

As recruiters, you need to know where to find people. There are many tools that recruiters use to find people like various job sites, internal databases, social media etc. A good recruiter is constantly updating her skills because recruitment changes rapidly. Another tool that a recruiter uses is networking and it is extremely valuable no matter what you do for a living. The ability to link people and ideas is extremely important. A great recruiter knows the value of a good connection. You also will use analytics to determine market salaries, how many people are in the market with niche skills and where could you locate these people.

What are the requirements to become an HR Recruiter?

This area of work is open to all graduates, however experience in following domains may be particularly useful:
Sales, Marketing, Support, Operations, Administrative, Research

If you do not have a related degree, you may be required to demonstrate a genuine interest in recruitment, with evidence of a strong ability to network and research.

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