Kangana Shows Us How To Be An Unapologetic Bitch

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“Let’s make some sense of this show, Saif.” 

You know when Kangana makes up her mind she is going to be not only brutally honest but scathingly true to her words as well. 

Koffee With Karan is the hi-fi version of kitty party with aunties, the only difference being the aunties are replaced here with celebs. In their Guccis, Armanis, Christian Diors, and Jimmy Choos these stars look dreamy, gorgeous and every bit of the charmers that they are. Gracing the couch on Karan Johar’s ‘frivolous show’ (his words), the moment they open their mouths it’s one hell of a cheap fest.



Long story short, the show is all about bitching, painstaking display of low IQ and a replay of mean girls starring different stars--even the biggest of them! 

But, Koffee With Karan has had probably its best show till date and yes it was not just about who wore what, and who looked how. 

Kangana didn’t even bother to settle down and called out Karan Johar in the beginning of his show for being the movie mafia that he is, promoting nepotism, mocking Kangana’s inability to speak fluently in English and “predicting” Kangana’s failure in the industry, *Baba Karan ki jai ho!*

The best part being that she didn’t call him out rubbing her current star status in his face. She did it in the most natural, fact-of-the-matter way and moved on with dignity. So we thought why not count the best moments where Kangana bowled us over with her honesty and intelligence.

“You have been the driving force in my life. If it wasn’t for all the rejections, and mocking...you made fun of my English on this couch and you made fun of everything...I am not complaining or haven’t held it against you, but somewhere these things drive you. It isn’t that I want to prove Karan or anything like that..I am sure somewhere you’re happy too.”

We are celebrating how Kangana called out Karan on his show. But if you go through her answers carefully; those aren’t some vendetta driven statements put out by her. They were honest and smart. Honest for reasons known to all of us. Smart because Kangana did not portray a victimized state. She knows her journey to stardom could not have reached the point where it is at now--growing exponentially-- if not for the skepticism and rejections thrown her way. That is how real world works, and the queen knows it.

“You really make a choice, you let that go for something more valuable. Say, I let go of certain award functions and stick to my values, some brand can come my way who needs that value system and who needs me, and they are ready to pay 3 times. I am here to do business. I am an artist but I should be making money as well.” 

This makes for a valuable lesson to be learnt in career management. Not to be rigid but sticking to your work values. To have a system of values in place to increase longevity of your career. There are choices that we need to make and these choices defines the outcomes in our lives. Don’t follow the herd. How many times have we heard of this phrase? But do we really follow it? Taking the unconventional path is not a thing of courage if you don’t apply a method to it. Kangana makes it clear that losing out on certain brands which do not align with her work values, doesn’t necessarily mean she is losing out on work and money. Rather she has slightly deviated her trajectory to a different source. Not complying also pays back, you just have to intelligently implement it. 

“Creative conflicts are part of the craft, I don’t mind it at all, I fight with my directors. If a set doesn’t have creative conflicts, it is not going right. It’s not just about taking instructions, going about doing things and pleasing people. It is about collaborating and diving into it and I think my directors really like that about me...and the ones who don’t honestly I don’t like them either!”

I can’t seem to get over her no-nonsense attitude when it comes to her craft. Whenever it seems like you are doing things to please your boss make sure to replay this part of the show. Play and replay to instill this fearlessness. It is not about pleasing but being true to your work. No melodrama here, plain professionalism. 

Setting 'Rapid Fire' round (pun intended)

Kangana set this fun round literally on fire. Even Saif was in awe of her unabashedness. He knew from the very first question she has grabbed the hamper for herself. Accusing Karan of throwing tantrums during her struggling days. She called him everything, each of us think about Karan Johar, the director. Snooty, flag bearer of nepotism, movie mafia!! And she likes that about him. When she said that Karan’s idea of poverty is very different from hers. And, that he has the verbal diarrhea in the Indian film industry. When she called out on sexism, and said men in bollywood should not consider all women in the films have low IQ. 

This is a trending topic and scores of online posts praising Kangana for bashing Karan, one of the biggest directors in India, on his own show. But she didn’t set out to do that, it was her natural self and that is the biggest takeaway from this particular episode. 

Be unapologetically honest but not necessarily mean. Be intelligent not street-smart. Be true to yourself and things will fall in place. 

Thank you Kangana for showing what it takes to profess your free will. And a huge thank you to Karan Johar for inviting this firebrand :)

The show did make some sense after all these years!

Lola Jutta
An unapologetic writer, budding travel enthusiast and a default optimist! Life is what you make out of it.

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