Is my space a good fit for Airbnb?

Published on 13 Apr 2023 . 1 min read

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You may not think a spare bedroom or a cozy houseboat could be popular on Airbnb, but all kinds of stays – from the smallest to the most unique – can appeal to guests.

No matter what place you have, the key is creating a cozy area in which you’d be happy to stay yourself – and a detailed listing description showcasing what makes your space appealing.

Start with the basics

At a minimum, guests expect a clean, comfortable sleeping area and access to a bathroom. Not all places listed on Airbnb have access to a kitchen, but if your guests have access to one, indicate whether it’s a full kitchen or a kitchenette and what all amenities are available for them.

Share any space

Anyone who has some extra space to share can thrive as an Airbnb Host. There’s no such thing as an “ideal” place – once you have the basics in place, you just need to be honest and detailed in your listing description and photos to help guests understand exactly what they can expect. From spare rooms to luxury villas, there’s a perfect space for everyone on Airbnb.

Define your property type

Almost any type of property can appeal to guests on Airbnb. Is it a house? A flat? A room in your apartment? Some places are considered unique, such as tree houses, tents, tiny houses, farms, campervans, and motorhomes. While listing your property, make sure you list down the property type for your future guests.

Choose where guests can go

You can let guests know they’ll have exclusive access to your entire property or a private suite, or they’ll be sharing spaces like the sleeping area, kitchen, or bathroom with other people, such as your family, flatmates, or fellow guests. Whether you dedicate your space to guests or keep your belongings there is up to you. The important things are keeping your space clean and communicating with guests exactly what to expect.

Be honest about the pros and cons

"It is important for Hosts to be honest and clear about their listing. Right from properly annotating pictures to ensure that you are sharing accurate details on the amenities available as well as the areas a guest can access in your home. Being clear and descriptive goes a long way in making your listing stand out." - Sangeeta Singh, Superhost.

Show and tell

If guests may encounter pets in a shared space, mentioning this in your listing description is a great start. But even more important is to upload photos of your fluffy dog or cat to Airbnb, with a caption letting guests know they’ll probably be crossing paths with an animal.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially since some guests might make reservations without reading everything thoroughly. If your space includes any unique features, confirming that guests have read your listing top to bottom during the booking process is also a good idea.

Price your place realistically

So your space isn’t a palace – no problem! Many guests appreciate modest accommodation as long as it feels like good value. When you’re starting out, you might consider an introductory price that’s a little lower than your ultimate goal. That will help you attract guests, and once you’ve got a handful of great reviews, you can re-evaluate and change your price as you wish to reflect your goals.

We hope this article on whether your space is a good fit for Airbnb was helpful. If you want more details, follow Airbnb and Travel Community on SHEROES for free guidance and expert travel tips. 

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Vandana Das
Vandana is a full-time writer, blogger and content strategist. She loves travelling and making doodles and comic strips.

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