Intriguing Twitter Chat About Gender Gap At Work

Last updated 23 Nov 2016 . 4 min read

There is no road map available for women returning to work after a break. Sairee Chahal, Founder, SHEROES India, throws a light on issues that need to be addressed to retain females in the Indian corporate workforce and explains how we need to make space in the current environment for new begininngs.

What made her begin SHEROES India?


Why is attrition rate high for Women working in corporate India?

How can we reduce stress on females?

How can maternity entitlements be made a part of workplaces in India?

Which companies have pro-active policies to retain women employees?

What are the biggest stumbling blocks for women returning to work after a break?

Suggest some tips for women planning to re-enter workforce

What measures can startups implement to support women employees?

What is the importance of mentoring for female employees?

How has technology helped women to get back to work?

Which are the industries most receptive to working remotely?

What can Government do to help women return to work with respect to policies?

Finally, to keep the work life balance do we need to change the long working hours model?

Sairee wrapped up the conversation by telling that women who take career break must not define themselves by somebody else's working standard and should work on creating their own space.


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