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Inchin Closer - Learn Mandarin

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Are you planning to visit China for work or pleasure? Wondering how not to get lost in the Mandrain speaking country? Inchin has just the right thing for you -  

This Summer, Inchin Closer brings you 3 refreshing new courses to help you understand China, India's largest trading partner better.

Expanding from our ongoing language courses, we now offer a How to succeed in China course, an intensive Mandarin character writing workshop and a summer exclusive Mandarin for teenagers. 

How to succeed in China is a business-focused program designed as a practical course to help Indian professionals and businessmen understand China's complex business environment and succeed in it. To know more about the course click here)

Inchin Closers Intensive Mandarin Character writing workshop will teach the art and cultural nuances of the Mandarin script. An exciting short summer challenge for anybody interested in the language.

Our Mandarin for teenagers course is a short exclusively summer class that will be a lively, interactive and fun course teaching basic Mandarin through creative methods including music and films. 

All classes continue to be taught by native Chinese teachers from Mainland China, and are the ONLY courses to be endorsed by the Chinese Consulate, Mumbai.

To know more about the courses, please call  91 98700 90966 or email [email protected] for details.  

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