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How Your Online Presence Can Improve Your Employability

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Organisations today want to hire the best and brightest talent and for this they are ready to do their research. Companies no longer look only at the resume but also try and find you on other online mediums to get a better understanding of your personality and the work you have done in the past.

As a woman looking to restart her career after a break, you can start focusing on what you can do to enhance your online presence so that you can attract the job of your dreams.

Here are a few pointers which can help you manage your online presence:

Linkedin is the mantra:

Linkedin is a strong tool to convince your potential employer to hire you. A few recommendations from former colleagues and employers, uploading some whitepapers, brochures or any other public documents that you have worked on, endorsing you contacts, increasing your connections etc. can go a long way in making you look relevant and ready to step back into the corporate world. You can stay visible in network streams by making status updates and comments on a regular basis.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media:

Organisations want to get a feel of the kind of person you are outside of work. Social media can give them an understanding of what you like, what you are passionate about etc. They look at your social media profile to guage if you will fit into the organisation culture well.

You don’t need to change who you are but using your privacy settings would be a good idea. Or in case you want to be seen by potential employers, make sure to not post any inappropriate comments/ pictures. Create groups such as school friends, family etc. so you can choose who can see your pictures.

Your own website can make a world of difference:

A website can help you earn a reputation for yourself. If you have a particular niche or strength such as interior design or digital marketing for example and if you are regularly writing / posting about topics related to your passion, then it slowly builds your credibility as an expert on this topic. When potential employers do an online search with your name, your website can leave a lasting impression.

Including your website address in your resume can be a good way to showcase your knowledge and expertise.


Just like a website, having your own blog can show a potential employer your writing skills for example and also your expertise in whichever subject you choose to blog about. Even something like travel blogging, food blogging etc. shows that you are a passionate individual who likes to share experiences with the world.

Follow companies:

Use social media to follow organisations that you would like to be a part of. Use twitter and facebook as well as Linkedin to like and follow companies and try to have conversations with people that you want to work for.

Google yourself from time to time:

Do a Google search on yourself from time to time. It’s important to know what information about yourself exists online. Try and take off any irrelevant data/ information about yourself. When you do a search, do not forget google images.

Some additional tips:

  • Use the same/ similar description about yourself on all social media platforms you use
  • Cross link your profiles across channels.
  • Have the same user name for all social media sites to maintain consistency
  • Make sure to use privacy settings
  • Don't overshare about your personal life

These few steps can make your profile look much stronger in the eyes of the potential employer. More power to you!

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