Handling Team Management After a New Promotion

Last updated 3 Jan 2017 . 3 min read

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Finding yourself in a role where you’re responsible for managing the work of others can be really intimidating - especially if you’ve only ever been responsible for yourself until this point in your career. How to manage a team? Is there an easy way out?

But this is a chance to shine.

You’ve already shown your boss your capable of more—she trusts your work and has confidence in you, so how do you get all your work done and ensure the quality of your new team’s work without letting her down?

The answer is easier than you think.

The best way to lead and ensure you and your team produce the best work possible after you become team leader is to serve those you’re in charge of rather than throwing around your authority like you’re the new rock star in town.

Instead of seeing yourself as their boss, try seeing yourself instead as more of a mentor-like figure, helping them learn the skills they need to advance their careers through their current positions.

When they’re slightly off the mark, explain improvements to them peacefully and calmly, and guide them through doing it themselves, so in the future they have more confidence in themselves and their own abilities to produce better work.

Setting the Tone

Ultimately, when you’re leading a team, you set the tone for the stress levels and how they treat each other.

Rather than establishing an atmosphere of cut-throat competition, openly show them you’re willing to “step down” from your position to help them succeed in their individual jobs. This will establish a culture and mutual expectation to help each other rather than competing against each other for the next raise or promotion.

Where to Draw the Line

The idea of helping your subordinates in the job is certainly an ideal we should all strive for. But it’s important not to let this ideal run you over. You need to strike a balance.

It’s important to establish a great, talented team that works together, but don’t let your own work suffer. After all, you just got promoted and don’t want to lose your boss’s confidence.

There will be times when you still love your job, but are exhaustingly tired of working longer hours than normal just because you want to be the best leader and do great with your new responsibilities.

But, you can still put yourself first without being selfish. If a team member comes to you needing help and you’re swamped with a pending deadline, politely decline and offer to help her tomorrow.

You can also help set boundaries between your responsibility of team leader and your position’s responsibilities by setting a calendar. Decide on times when you can have some open office hours and allow your team members to schedule meeting times with you then.


In conclusion, congrats on your new position!

The truth is, it will take some time to figure out the balance between being an amazing team leader and fulfilling the responsibilities of your new position without getting burnt out. But don’t worry, take your time, listen to your instincts, jot down notes when you’re overly stressed and when things are going really well, and you’ll be on your way to even more movement up the corporate ladder in no time.


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Chelsea Baldwin
Chelsea Baldwin is a freelancer, expatriate, and budding entrepreneur. She began working at the age of 17 and has followed an interesting, curvy career path including non-profit work, teaching, and corporate marketing. Her deepest interest is finding and working towards passion, helping women propel their careers, their communities, their businesses (and their bank accounts), themselves, and other women forward.

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