10 Tips To Build A Sustainable Career And Be Future Ready

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Crafting a sustainable career is the key to building a sustainable future. Imagine performing work year after year, using your skillsets and developing new ones in the process. Performing tasks, you enjoy gives you a sense of meaning and makes your work-life more interesting. 

Amidst the COVID- 19 pandemic and growing technology, the career landscape has also been changing drastically. The old ways of working do not count anymore. It has become clear that crafting a sustainable career is the only saviour for long-term career success and being future-ready.

When you build a sustainable career that supports your interest & passion, you create a long-lasting career for yourself. Being flexible and open to learning, you gain new skills and adapt better to new opportunities.

What is a Sustainable Career?

A sustainable career grows along with the changing time and helps you keep performing better in the long run as per the changing job market. A sustainable career is like choosing the best jobs that make an employee remain happy, healthy, productive and employable in every stage of their professional life. In better words, a sustainable career is a career which is a perfect fit for someone during their lifetime. It is also aligned with an employee’s strengths, values and interests.  

Why build a Sustainable Career?

  • To Improve Your Employability

Sustainability is directly related to employee retention, performance and engagement. In other words, sustainability increases employability. To remain employable in the long run, you must love what you do. Adaptability, continuously reskilling and upskilling yourself are some criteria to increase your employability. 

  • For Better Work-Life Balance

Developing a sustainable career does not mean only focusing on work. Find time to engage with your family and friends, relax and hit the pause button occasionally to unwind a little. So, choose a job that lets you maintain a better work-life balance.

  • For Better Mental Health

A sustainable and high-performance career often leads to better mental and physical well-being. When you are happy with what you do, you find time to indulge in activities that clear your head and cope with the ever-demanding work environment.

Tips To Build A Sustainable Career

#1. Always Be One Step Ahead

Be one step ahead at work to make it pay off. Keep up with the latest developments and trends in your industry. Also, work towards meeting your everyday goals to keep your position secured while also working towards doing something extra to make yourself invaluable

Also, being accountable and embracing your mistakes, as you acknowledge all your achievements, goes a long way. Be that reliable resource that management always wants. 

Stay connected and figure out questions in advance to build a sustainable career. Listen to your co-workers, understand them, and you will stay ahead of the game. 

#2. Take Charge Of Your Career And Find Your Passion

Discover and follow your desire to build a sustainable career. Gone are the days when people spent years doing the same thing over and over again and then retiring. In the past, the career path was very much predictable. 

In present times, nothing is predictable. To stay ahead in your career and be future-ready is essential to crafting a meaningful and fulfilling career. To build a sustainable career, one should use their skills and experiences better. It’s best to carve your path and take charge of your career.

#3. Always Be Willing To Try Out Something New

Be open to challenges and try out something new. Identify opportunities for change keeping long-term success in mind. Adopt the best sustainability practices and always keep an eye on things which would help your career progress in the right direction.

Trying out new things helps you take control of your life experiences and demonstrates curiosity and future-proof your career. It also reminds you that you can do more than you think.

#4. Build Your Network And Work With People Who Energize You

One of the few ways to boost a sustainable career is to surround yourself with people who make you feel energized at work, day in and out. Build your network and surround yourself with people who give you a purpose and help you learn new things. 

Make professional connections, exchange information, and network with like-minded professionals to build a sustainable career in the long run.

#5. Be Supportive

Helping and supporting colleagues at work enables you to make your career more sustainable. One of the few ways to stay ahead in your job is getting along with your teammates and creating a healthy work environment. It does not always help maintain a stable workplace but also increases productivity and helps you develop leadership skills.

Maintaining a friendly attitude at the workplace always inspires positivity, right? Be always ready to lend a helping hand and open to attending distress calls when required. This act of yours will not only cheer up colleagues but also work in your favour in the long run.

#6. Keep Learning And Exploring New Things

Always be curious to know more and learn more to make a sustainable career. Keep upskilling and updating yourself from time to time. Read books, take a short online course, attend webinars, and watch educational videos. There are a good number of ways by which you can explore new things.

New learning helps one generate new ideas, converse better, banish boredom, keep the passion alive and improve brain health.

#7. Pick Up A Career That Excites You

Find something you love doing and make a career out of it. You must enjoy your work to build a sustainable career as a professional. The secret to working hard and never having a dull day at work is always loving what you do. 

Know what drives you and make a career out of it to sustain it for a longer time. There is no denying that if you are passionate about what you do, you put your whole focus and energy into it, and you won’t even feel like you are working.

#8. Be Always Ready To Embrace A Change In Plan

Embrace major career transitions without any fear. Transitioning from one career to another can be daunting, but the trick is always to follow your passion and embrace the change like a pro. 

Treat the change like an adventure, know your why and keep progressing in the right direction. Do whatever appeals to you and remember, your career path doesn’t have to be linear, there will be zig-zag paths in between, but you need to keep moving ahead, climbing the career ladder. 

#9. Find A Mentor

Identify people in your network who root for you and are always there to support you when required. Reach out to them from time to time and seek their advice whenever you are in doubt. These people will act as champions in your life and help you attain a more sustainable career.

#10. Set Boundaries

Set boundaries and maintain a work-life balance. Do not try to overcommit as it may lead to burnout and ultimately may lead to stress and put your career at risk.

If possible, opt for flexible working hours, maintaining a proper work-life balance. Do what works for you to have a life outside your work.

We hope these career tips will help you build a sustainable career and be future-ready. 

Before we wrap, some last-minute tips to help you stay ahead in your career:


  • Do what kicks you and follow your dreams.

  • Be kind and helpful.

  • Be ready to take on new challenges.

  • Never stop learning and always take feedback constructively. 

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