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Megha Dadarwal

How Many Rest Days You Need In A Week

POSTED ON 21 Apr 2017
4 Min read

For those of you who have been working your ass off, training hard everyday, you need to ask yourself - How many off days do you take?

Yes! We cannot emphasise enough on the importance of rest days. Rest days are an essential part of training.

Mostly where we go wrong is to workout too hard, too often. This may be because you're highly motivated to achieve your fitness goal might not seem like a problem initially, but overtraining can affect your health seriously. Apart from that, chances are higher that your extensive workout routine makes you less likely to adhere to your workout routine due to your excessively fatigued body. Which brings us to the question:-

How many rest days do you really need a week?

The number of rest days that you take each week really depends on how intensely you train. For best results, beginners need to rest every third day while experienced exercisers require two days break from training. Reason being-muscle soreness can peak two days after training, a minimum of 48 hours of rest is needed for recovery while resting up to 72 hours between workouts for a beginner is recommended.

Even if you're addicted to exercising, chances are unlike that you work out for a living. Which means you don't have unlimited hours to spend training at the gym. Either way, it's important to know how to split your time between different types of exercise. One of the reasons why trainers keep separate days that focus on various muscle groups. Doing exercises that focus on a particular muscle group, gets the muscle sore hence one should not train it intensely again until it is no longer sore.

Exercising with a fatigued body lands you on the road to a breakdown as your body is susceptible to muscle soreness, excessive fatigue, a decreased performance and maybe even injury. Taking a break lets your body recover and helps you kick start again.

How do you define a rest day?

A rest day should not be confused with a completely inactive day. A rest day is rather characterised by a need for some movement.

A rest day should actually be considered active recovery, meaning you don't have to get into hardcore training, but you shouldn't be completely sedentary either.

Proper recovery is as important as proper training and time off allows your body and mind to fully recover and grow.

How inactive you are on your rest day depends on the intensity of your workouts. If you are doing intense gymming everyday, your rest day should be a day completely off and out of the gym.

Mild physical activities like a walk would suffice. However, if you're already training very moderately you can take a more active recovery day.

Activities including moderate movements like playing a sport or doing yoga would work well for you. Any activity done on your rest day should help you take a break both physically and mentally.

The right amount of rest will help you bounce back to gym with full power!

Exercising right is important, but to rest right is more important.

Your progress depends more on how well your body recovers. So keep training hard ladies and don't miss out on those rest days!

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Written by Megha Dadarwal

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