How I Want To Be Remembered By My Kids

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A few days back while interacting with my children, for a moment I questioned myself of what kind of Mom I want to become and this small question gave spark to many pointers and I have compiled all of them.













Our mother was our best friend:


When they think of the word best friend, the first name that should come to their mind should be mine. I will be the happiest and content mother if I can become their best friend.  I have solutions to their problems and they have to mine. I know about their feelings even they do not utter a single word. I want to share all my secrets with them and they should also be comfortable talking about anything under the sun with me.


Our mother was a God loving person :


I wish to be remembered as God loving and God fearing. She believed in helping someone in need rather than donating at the mandirs or gurdwaras. She had a strong faith in some superpower which used to make things uncomplicated and fall in place for her. She taught us that God is in our hearts , just close your eyes and you will be with him.


Our mother never stopped trying:


The last thing she would do is to stop trying. She used to say” Try karne se sab such ho jaata hai” and motivated us to atleast try and to our surprise say such ho phi jaata tha.


Our Mother was answerable/ accountable to herself:


She used to say “No one is watching or keeping an eye on you, you are answerable to no one for your deeds; you have to be truthful to yourself “ She would not be happy if she felt that she did not give her 100% . Rather than blaming on her stars, she would again get up with new zeal and energy and in the end come out happy and satisfied.


Our mother was not society driven:


She never believed in doing what others are doing or she never followed any pattern/ trends in life. She became what she wanted to be and not what others wanted her to be. She used to say” Suno sabki, Karo Apni” (Listen to everyone but do what your heart says you to do).


Our mother never asked us to chase marks instead follow our dreams:


We were told repeatedly that “Do what you want to in your life  and follow your heart.” Also, you need to give 100% to what you dream of so that in future there are no regrets.
Only Marks/ scores do not decide what you will be in your life. First you have to a good human being than an educated human being.


Our mother used to help selflessly:


She used to do what made her happy and content. If that means going out of the way and helping someone in real need. true happiness lies in distributing the fruits that you have grown and let everyone taste it.


Our Mother lived for people who mattered to her:


She gave her 100% of everything to people who mattered in life. In the end, she believed it is your spouse, kids and parents who will cry over you and no one else . She dedicated her life in taking care of happiness of them but not at the cost of her own happiness.


She always used to say that  I want to be like my Father and now we say that we want to be like our Mother ????


This blog was originally published on hareepatti


Written by Gurleen Kaur.


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