How Angel Investing Launches A Startup? This Podcast Will Tell You All

Last updated 30 Dec 2016 . 2 min read

Angel investing by influential individuals provides the ammo of network and guidance to youngling entrepreneurs. The seed investor usually does this in return for convertible debt or ownership equity in the business they are investing for.

Building relationships and broadening network, form the core ingredients for Angel investing.

Manny Fernandez, founder of the SF Angels Group, co-Founder of Equity Crowdfunding platform and a serial entrepreneur, advises investors to look for promising indivduals with a kick ass business plan.

As an angel investor it’s important that you add value to the startup, and not just provide capital in the hope that it might work out or not.

Understanding that entrepreneurs are not employees, they carve their own dreams. Investors can expect major returns in scalable startups whose growth is based on technology and not people.

Backing a good leader who are in the know-how of their team coupled with expertise in the concerned field of business is a precursor to what to expect from the startup, in terms of its growth.

Depend on your gut feeling before taking the plunge, says Manny.

Check out this podcast from LED* featuring valuable nuggets about angel investing by Manny Fernandez, who was enlisted in Inc. Magazine, as one of the top 33 entrepreneurs to look out for. He’s also the 2016 San Francisco Angel Investor of the Year. 

*LED - Podcast with interviews of people from different professions. Learn about different careers, what each is all about and how to get in if you wanted to.


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