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How A Mother Would Have Handled The Robert Kelly BBC Interview Goof Up

POSTED ON 21 Mar 2017
3 Min read

Content strategists and content marketeers rattle their brain and ideate  to increase virality of the content they put out. Firms nowadays invest in content marketing, and it has become a branch of marketing in itself. 

Then, you come across a totally absurd, out of nowhere and most importantly an unintended video  which turns out to be massively viral. Yeah the Robert E Kelly BBC interview, which made us go “AWWW” with affection and was definitely downright hilarious.


Who makes it even more hilarious. The queen of tongue-in-cheek class of humor, Ellen Degeneres breaks it down for us. First off by blaming Robert, who didn’t lock his door, which by her definition was a rookie mistake. Who doesn’t  lock their rooms when there are children in the house? Have  a look at the video below:-



You know by now that Robert E Kelly’s wife swooped in to save the day for her husband (or rather partly responsible for making it viral). Could you imagine how a mom would have handled that situation. Just to give you a heads up, check out the video.



It is not unusual for me to watch women multitask with their babies hanging around their bosom. I am witness to this environment at SHEROES, where the kickass mothers from our team, get their babies to the office. Plus, handle their work super efficiently. Multitasking would be a wrong word, I suppose. More like integrating different facets of their lives. Tending to their kids and shooting down emails, getting on calls with clients and partners. Drafting schedules and fixing appointments, I see this happening around me, every single day.


I guess it’s all about the flexible work environment we provide to our staff and the vision we stand by. To integrate women in workplace during every phase of their lives.


The above spoof on the Robert Kelly BBC interview is just a gentle reminder women can handle situations, even the most bizarre ones. 

Cheers to the sassy women we know and we are!


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