15 May 2014 . 1 min read

Head n Shoulders Touches New Low in Sexist Commercials

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After the skin whitening ads, one could not have thought of coming across more sexist advertisements. To our surprise the latest series of Head n Shoulders ads has surpassed the previous shoddy ones. The Indian advertisers never cease to surprise (read - shock) us. With this ad series sexism in commercials has touched a new low.

This series of ads is for their new shampoo exclusively for men – a product that promises to restore the manliness in men. The three main commercials in the series end with the tag line “Stop before you stop being a man”. What must men stop doing before they get completely emasculated? According to the ad-makers, they must stop using their wives’ shampoos.

Watch the three videos here and decide for yourself - 





Wonder what goes on in an advertisers mind when they come up with such trashy ideas. Let’s hope next time when such a sexist idea creeps into an ad-maker’s head, a shampoo bottle hits (watch commercials) them out of the blue and knocks some sense into them.

Haven’t we had enough sexist commercials already? What are your thoughts on this particular series?





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