Have You Asked Monica Yet? Season 1, Episode 2: Thrive, Not Survive At Your Workplace

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Throughout our careers, we may find ourselves in a role that takes more from us than it gives in terms of money, happiness, or energy–sometimes, it’s all three.

At first, waning job satisfaction might not be noticeable, clouded by day-to-day demands and expectations. But at some point, though, you become aware that you’re surviving–not thriving–at work.

Regardless of what causes the realization, you know one thing for certain: A change is necessary. Maybe it’s time for a new position. It’s more likely, however, that you’re ready for an entirely new career.

This dilemma is often accompanied by the temptation to opt for a quick solution.

While these options are attractive in the moment, you’ve got to resist the urge to skip over the important work called self-evaluation.

A user at SHEROES faced a similar dilemma and here’s how our team at #AskMonica made the transition smooth for her.

User: Hi Monica, I am currently working in an advertising agency. I have no fixed hours and it is eating up my personal life. I have a house to run and thus looking for opportunities that have fixed working hours.

Helpline: I understand how taxing such working hours could be. You may take up corporate jobs with fixed working hours, part-time jobs or opt for freelancing too.

I will be able to help you with specific openings when I know more about your current profile, skills and interests.

The best way to provide all this information is through filling up your profile as nicely as possible. There are many advantages of this form. First, in order to be able to apply to any opening on SHEROES you need to complete the form, secondly, this form will serve as your ‘Resume’ and is shared with recruiters for selection, lastly it helps us to guide you properly with relevant openings.

The article shared below will help you in completing the form:
10 Golden Rules Of Writing A Professional Profile That Shines Bright
Why You Are Not Hearing Back From Recruiters

Do write back to us once you do this and I would love to help you.

User: I have almost 7 years experience in advertising and filmmaking. Due to hectic hours and personal interest I am also looking to change the industry I work in. If not for advertising I would have been an HR. How do I change now? Where do I begin if I want to start my career in HR.

Helpline: If Career Transition is what you're aiming at, and trust me it appears to be difficult and definitely requires extra efforts, it usually pays off well when it comes to career satisfaction. But you need to consider a few things before getting into this:

1. Is the decision logic or decision led?
2. Do you have people management skills?
3.Have you ever taken up such functions may be unofficially?

This transition would require you to up skill a bit may be by taking up a certification in HR. Trying to get a position in the HR department of your current organisation is also an option. This would allow you to use your expertise in the field while avoiding to begin from scratch in a new industry. Getting in touch with people from the HR field would also help as referrals work well in job world world these days. Picking up online learning resources on social HR / HRMS / employer branding are potential fits for you.

Do you have any specific sector in mind to work in? Look forward to hear back from you soon.

User: I am basically in-charge of client servicing in advertising. I feel building good relationships has been my strength. I have also been involved in casting, casting is all about people and talent management. I am looking at a shift soon and have started looking up at certifications. However, I won't be able to quit my job presently to pursue a learning program. Also, I presently work in a small agency and there is no separate department for HR. What options can I start working on?

Helpline: With existing experience in a HR role - it may be possible to take up a MOOC or online certification course from Coursera. EdX etc. - the courses are self paced most of the times and how long you take to complete is left up to you.

To transition into an HR role at a different company - either highlighting the HR duties you performed in your current role and adding a certification will help seal the deal or you can also look applying for an entry level HR position in advertising. Do let me know if that helps answer your question.

User: Hi, I have updated my profile. I am looking out for opportunities in the corporate sector. I have experience in client servicing in the Advertising Industry in different agencies. The HR transition is not what I am keen on right now. I am looking out for communication and marketing communication opportunities in the corporate sector with FIXED TIMINGS. That has been the sole reason for looking out.

Helpline: Thank you for clarifying that. We do have related openings in your location. I will email some resources to you shortly.

User: Thank you so much Monica. Really looking forward, want to shift in as soon as possible

Helpline: You are welcome Deepthi. We will try to help you make this transition a smooth as possible. All the best.

Hope the experience of our user resonates with yours and helps you decipher the answer to those constant questions about changing your career.

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