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SHEROES Is A Community Of Women Standing Up For Each Other

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A holistic network of super strong and determined women taking charge of their lives, while creating opportunities for all their peers, is what SHEROES is to me. Not just limited to being another job site or blog, SHEROES is an entire community of women standing up for themselves and each other.

I remember the first time I interacted with the SHEROES team – it was a ‘Work from Home’ Boot Camp organised in recognition of the shift towards freelance and flexible job opportunities. Unlike a lot of people (and almost everyone I knew) who instantly associated freelance with being lazy, in-between jobs or just another term for staying at home all day, Sairee and the SHEROES team set-up a session to encourage and empower women to make the best of this revolutionary shift.

Having heard enough people tell me what a huge mistake I was making after leaving a full-time job, interacting with Sairee and Monica that day was the refreshing and empowering conversation that I needed.

I had the opportunity to speak with the both of them after the session and their encouragement and enthusiasm were absolutely contagious (as it continues to be till this day).

Over the years through SHEROES meets, workshops and other interactive sessions, I have got a chance to constantly learn from and meet fabulous women that refused to back down from anything. It also gave me the chance to be there for my peers, whether as a non-judgemental ear or a motivational push.

What sets SHEROES apart for me is the motivational support and a sense of community that it offers women everywhere, without requiring a daily physical presence. The confidence and strength that you get as a young girl or woman knowing that someone has your back or that you have a network of strong women you can turn to instantly for help, is tremendous and goes a long way in encouraging women to be who they are and not what they are expected to be.

With SHEROES, not only do you have amazing women cheering you on and supporting you on your journey but also an abundance of resources empowering you to do so with your head held high.

And for me – this is where the magic of SHEROES lies.

Often we are so restricted by the kind of people we interact with and the world we live in that we accept many aspects as the norm even if we disagree. But with SHEROES – you have the opportunity to constantly grow, learn and give back at the same time.


*Images have been used for representation purposes only.

This is a personal narrative by Shrinidhi Bagrodia a freelance research analyst and writer. In her free time, she can often be found with her nose buried in a book and a cup of coffee to keep her company.  

Are you a part of the SHEROES community yet? Join this safe, trusted space for women to engage, have conversations and be your true, authentic selves. Our platform has several communities from Career Guidance, Love and Relationships, and Health Tips, to Aspiring Writers and Travel. We also recently launched a Math community and a community for women in technology. You can also access these communities by downloading the SHEROES app, and sharing your thoughts, ideas and achievements with the community, on the go!

SHEROES - lives and stories of women we are and we want to be. Connecting the dots. Moving the needle. Also world's largest community of women, based out of India. Meet us at www.sheroes.in @SHEROESIndia facebook.com/SHEROESIndia

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    Hey Reema, which village do you live in? Great to hear about your aspirations for the women in your village!
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    Hi, Reema Patel. I read in your writing that you are a freelancer recruiter as well. So I am looking for Digital Marketing online learning course and earning as well. Can you pls helm me with this?
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    Hi these is Reema Patel , i m working women , i work in office and also work as a freelancer recruiter. thank to sheroes that these community help me so much , so i want the help that i live in Village area, here the womens are working but not that much educated ,so i have to change there life that they should not depend on there husband and children , can u start with some workshop for them
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    I have a common problem related tò my younger daughter.she is 17 year old.she cant understand anything.how can we do her parenting.she is in love with muslim guy
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    Hi,I am Meenakshi and I am a motivational speaker,if you have any questions or you try to say something to any one but you are not comfortable with your friends and family and you don't want to show your identity but you want to share your fillings you can share with me just like that *maan ki baat*