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Last updated 9 Sep 2014 . 2 min read

We are facing a global crisis. Contrary to what you may be thinking, the crisis isn't primarily economic, environmental, or extremism. The crisis we face globally is the lack of education.

We don't learn about finding our purpose or even how to be happy in our schools; yet these are the very things that give our lives meaning and joy. We don't learn how to manage our finances or start a business or invest our money; the very practices that can break us out of the poverty cycle.

The National Achievers Conference seeks to give everyone an equal opportunity to access this "higher level education".

This year at NAC, Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad is speaking live for the very first time in India, sharing stage is Les Brown who was voted one of the top 5 inspirational speakers of the century and nine other speakers. 

You will learn

1) Financial education

2) System for success

3) Investment opportunities

4) To be inspired

Here is a glimpse of what Robert will talk about

Events schedule

13th and 14th September, 2014 at Thayagraj Stadium, Delhi

Ticket Prices-
Silver - Rs 4500 (Seminar Only)

Gold - Rs 6000 (Seminar Only)

Diamond (VIP) - Rs 50000 (VIP registration, Front Rows, Special VIP Lounge to interact and have lunch with key speakers, Photograph with Robert Kiyosaki)

20 SHEROES members get free passes.  All you have do is register on SHEROES today and drop a mail to us at care at sheroes dot in and we will send you your pass.

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