#GirlIcon Blindness Did Not Dim Her Light, What Is Stopping You?

Last updated 29 Jan 2017 . 3 min read

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Napoleon Bonaparte quoted It takes more courage to suffer than to die. Many underdogs live by the same, every single day. Such is the journey of 17 year old icon Khyati, whose struggle has been emotionally moving.

In an era of women reaching the moon and running companies, there are still some pockets of India where families need sons. Khyati, along with her sisters, was unfortunately victimized by such orthodox thinking, when her father blatantly refused to take care of them.

Realizing such unfair treatment to her daughters, the mother of six was circumstantially forced to move out to find work. The family finally decided to move out to Chitrakoot for a better life. Unfortunately, post a month of her mother getting employed in the city of Chitrakoot as a maid, Khyati lost her vision due to untreated Encephalitis. Cobwebbed in consecutive dilemmas of being accepted normally since a long time, Khyati decided to keep the trouble to herself. Her mother gradually got to know after two full months, even when her father was aware of the issue much before.

Taking a minute to absorb? Doesn’t all of this, this stooped down level of humanity wrench our hearts? Even though it is surprising us through its existence, aren’t we only accepting it by not raising our voices?

Khyati was only 3 when they moved to the city. New city, new people, these sudden changes had gripped her and a bigger jump was when she started her schooling from a blind school, Drishti Balika Vidyalya. Despite being devoid of the biggest power of seeing, Khyati had done amazingly well in academics. She also made the most of the opportunity by investing herself into several drama competitions. However, she had this little luxury of studying from Braille only till class eighth.

She is 17 now, studying without the Braille and is still an enthusiast of various world happenings. Khyati was unable to fetch similar doors after class eight as she later found no other blind school to apply to. She has been learning about ongoing world issues through ears and is performing exceptionally well.

Without vision and facilities in a Government Girls Inter college, Khyati has never let any setback pull her down. From no notes to dictating answers for examinations, she has managed to score 83% and has defined for us the real meaning of light. She dreams to open a Braille library and motivate the ones who lack the leisure of physical light.

Such a powerhouse is only an honor to Girl Icon.





Prerna Puri
She is an enthusiastic writer with an engineering background and readily believes every story is extra ordinary"

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