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Last updated 12 May 2017 . 4 min read

Children’s minds are said to be impressionable and they pick up on habits in a flip second. They are like clay and can be moulded in whichever form we would shape them. So it becomes important to give them a conducive environment in which they can grow and nurture.

With the Best Preschool in India you can be assured that your child would have the right learning environment, with ample learning resources and qualified teachers.  KLAY the Best Play School in India, would help you in your journey of bringing up your little one by providing the right education, values and ideals, as your little one gets ready to step into the world!

KLAY Schools are a chain of high-end preparatory schools catering to preschoolers and providing day care and after-school services. KLAY schools are set up by Founding Years – A multi platform education services organization. KLAY caters to an age group of 1-10 years. They provide an environment where your child can be his/her own person, feels at home, is safe and secure and has enough avenues to explore.

Don’t take our word, let the parents of the kids sharing their experience help you in making that decision.  

“We have found our son’s second home and parent - KLAY! I had worms running in my tummy when I dropped off my 1.5-year son for the first day at KLAY. I couldn’t help but wonder if he would adjust happily. Thanks to KLAY, they have made him feel comfortable in no time. I like the way they make them do activities and bring in innovative learning. Now, my son comes home and tries to sing along and do similar actions that the teachers teach him at KLAY. What impressed me is the cleanliness, the teacher-child ratio and the fact that they encourage the children to learn something new everyday. We love KLAY! All of the teachers and assistants are always pleasant and upbeat, they create a really positive environment for the kids. A million thanks! -Parinitha Shetty

“KLAY Schools lives up to its name. Sending your toddler away from you for the first time can be a heart wrenching and intimidating experience, but rest assured you can do so without being all welled up here, with warm staff and teachers. They make you and your child comfortable from the very start. Truly impressed with their professional ways, KUDOS!” -Savi Sarin

“As a working mother it's important for me to feel secured about my son when I am at work. Klay school under the guidance of Sheetal, gives me that security. The school provides a wonderful enriching environment for my son, where he can have fun while learning during his schooling hours and play with his friends during the day care time. The integrated school and day care possibility, with loving and understanding teachers and support staff makes it unique- I would highly recommend that you check it out if you’re looking for schooling and day care for your child. Thank you Sheetal for always taking care of things!”-Aditi

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