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When Vidhi started the candy cane club in 2009, it was originally meant to create educational board games and books for kids for the age group of 3 years and above. Around 2009 was when the online games scenario was picking up and kids were beginning to get introduced to these electronic gizmos. Experts all over the world continued harping on the benefits of classic board games and basic toys to develop interpersonal and social skills for young children.

Candy Cane Club's board games for 3-8 year olds maximize interaction between players to aid in the development of social, emotional and creative skills. Board games are designed that focus on reinforcing and developing specific skills in a competitive format.

Vidhi who believes in the concept of learning through interaction and sticking to the basics talked to me about her venture, the Candy Cane Club and how she chose this route to make a difference.

Tell us about the inception of the Candy Cane club and why did you feel the need to start it?

While bringing up my children I was often faced with the dilemma of what toys or book should I buy. I would end brining loads of books and toys that my babies would not even look at. I searched online but there were so many products out there that I always found myself lost.  And when I actually brought something home, my baby would not even look at it. Whenever I wanted to make my baby play, I had only a handful of games/ideas that I would use. It was then I started doing research on toys and books for little babies. I realised that there were not the right games that would help me work on skills like memory and lateral thinking. So that gave birth to the Board games by Candy Cane Club that I developed by playing with my children.

In 2007 I started marketing them at stores all over the country. After starting to sell games I realised that there were lots great books and games that would help parents in teaching and developing certain skill sets.

Please explain the concept of Candy Cane Club in detail.

Children in the age group of 2-6 years are developing rapidly and it is hard to figure out the right game or learning activity for the child.  As parents, we either overshoot or undershoot.  Moreover parents feel confused or overwhelmed when they enter a toy store. 

We at Candy Cane Club deliver a box every month filled with curated set of toys, books, and activities that are carefully matched to your child’s unique developmental needs.  Our experts design each box around an age-appropriate theme and put together an experience that allows you to participate in helping your child grow to their fullest potential.

Each box contains:

·         1-2 toys/board games

·         1-2 books

·         1 set of art supplies

·         1 craft kit

·         1 surprise gift

·         Recommended Ipad and Android apps

·         Recommended online games and music

·         3 activity suggestions for the family

·         Instructions for optimal use for each element

·         YouTube video to show how to use the art supply.

What were you doing before you started Candy Cane Club? What do you think of opportunities for women after they have families?

I started a job with an online startup in the year 2000.  However I had to quit soon enough as my first baby was on its way.  I spent all my time bringing up my babies which then led to the inception of Candy Cane Club.

Spending time and bringing up your children is a joyful experience but it makes you feel that something is amiss. There is something meaningful one wants to do but at the same time want to spend time caring for their little ones. I feel that now our country has loads of opportunities to offer women. Thanks to the digital world work from home is now being recognized as a valid job type. This gives us women lot of flexibility to choose a job type that we can pursue after having babies.

How much more fulfilling is your life now as an entrepreneur than as a working professional?

I definitely know that I love nurturing and caring for Candy Cane Club. Each day has its own ups and downs but at the end of the day when you receive a mail that tells you how happy their baby was with the Candy Cane kit, it makes up for all the worries you have had.

Your advice for SHEROES out there

I would advise them to do just do what you love the most.  Simply follow what you are passionate about.

What’s next for Candy Cane Club?

Candy Cane Club is currently offering Candy Cane Club kit, Book Club and educational Board games. We plan to launch Worksheet package very soon. We also have 3 books from the series Animal Factory in the pipeline and we are looking forward to launch them by June 2014

Vidhi Kapoor Mehra
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